What Is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology, as a therapy, uses muscle testing to ask the body about the causes of, and treatments for, a client's problems. It began in the USA in the 1970's, originating in the work of chiropractor Dr George Goodheart, and incorporating research and developments in orthopaedics, osteopathy and acupuncture from the 1920's to the 1960's. A kinesiologist is trained in accurate indicator muscle testing - how to apply appropriate pressure to any chosen muscle and assess the response as indicating weak or strong, switched off or switched on, no or yes, negative or positive. With this powerful diagnostic tool, the kinesiologist is able to ask the body about the client's energy and health. A kinesiologist is trained in specific methods of collecting relevant information through accurate muscle testing. Kinesiology training also involves the use of techniques to restore a balanced flow of energy within a person's body - a session of kinesiology is sometimes referred to as 'having a balance'. There are now many different branches and systems of kinesiology being taught around the world and most of these have their foundation in the system called Touch for Health, which was launched in 1973 by chiropractor Dr John Thie. It was in the 1980's that kinesiology began to develop as a therapy in the UK and the basic energy balancing methods were further developed and built on using other natural therapeutic techniques. These more advanced kinesiologies often focused on a specific realm of health and many systems divide these areas of health into four realms, to simplify finding the priority for treatment: physical, nutritional, emotional, electromagnetic. Pathway Balancing Kinesiology began in 1996 and goes far beyond basic energy balancing and the realms of natural therapeutic treatment. The primary focus of Pathway Balancing Kinesiology is the soul and its relationship with divine power. Each person is regarded a soul that came into a body and the body and soul are kept alive and together by the spirit. This soul, or person, came into this world for a purpose and has a unique destiny to fulfil. The secret to that destiny is encoded in the heart. When a soul descends from heaven it becomes partially separated from the divine soul. This sense of separation increases as the soul falls deeper into the denser levels of spiritual darkness over the earth. The pain of this separation is felt as the heart's longing for a return to love, to belonging, to being back home again. The quest is to find the pathway back and for the soul to be shaped and refined along the way. While God has a good plan for our life - a plan to give us joy and peace, to provide for us in abundance, to make us fruitful and fulfilled - we live in a fallen world which is far from perfect. The soul's journey is described in Pathway Balancing as an upward spiraling pathway that leads us to the peak of our soul's potential. The use of muscle testing allows the practitioner to locate your individual level of progress on your soul's journey towards the fulfilment of your destiny. Any areas where you are stuck, experiencing pain, feeling weakness or needing direction for the way forward can be identified by muscle testing. The Pathway Balancing kinesiologist can then apply specific techniques to balance your energy, enable your body to heal better, or address the wounding in your soul that needs to heal. This unique combination of therapy and describing the story of your journey empowers you to move on and sets you free from the past. You become more of your true self and come closer to the truth of the divine power that has given us everything we need for life and the knowledge of God.

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