Is Your Life Spiralling Upwards?

The concept of Pathway Balancing is to reverse any downward trend in a person's life and use bodywork techniques with verbal dialogue to restore an upward spiral of healthy personal development. In kinesiology sessions, we use a description of Gateways to track the level of energetic vibration for the person. This week, Gateway 56 (out of 60) came up, called 'Freely Flowing Spirals'. It opens the client to a spiral of energy, spiralling upwards to the Divine and helps with overcoming fears around communication. When we can give and receive freely in our relationships, we enter the free flow of life. This clears issues around being drained by the needs of others and leads to an abundant, satisfying way of living. One way to move your life in a healthier, more fulfilling direction is the viewpoint that pruning, clearing and making a space for growth will release you from the trap of insecurity. It is essential to remove yourself from people that have a toxic, draining effect on you & trust that Divine providence will draw new, more appropriate people to you. Your security needs to be placed in trusting this Divine providence, as you clear away the physical residue or backlog of emotional blockages. Once the process of cleansing & restoration is complete, your new upward spiral of joy will begin.

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