Transformative Insights

Today I had the honour of my latest Follower on Twitter being James Redfield, author of 'The Celestine Prophesy' and a series of equally powerful books. His work has profoundly influenced mine and his books are on the Recommended Reading list for the Pathway Balancing Kinesiology Diploma course, which starts on 4th & 5th June 2011. I'd say the essence of his message is the observation of synchronicity in our lives and accepting this as divine guidance for the way forward on our life path. This philosophy is very much in harmony with the Pathway Balancing Journey material, which sets out a series of Gateways and Steps that enable us to face the mountain we must conquer to achieve greater freedom and fulfilment. At the highest stage of this journey is the Pearls of Wisdom manual, which gives the client insights into the unique gifts they are now able to share and prosper from. Last week's kinesiology clientwork featured the 4th Pearl of Wisdom.  The 4th Pearl is 'Transforming the Mind to Stillness'. It's about 'Clearing past trauma to clear the mind of mental chatter and to align with Divine power.' Kinesiology uses muscle-testing to discover where you are on the Pathway Balancing Journey and to determine the healing process required to clear the way forward. Recently, a client needed to use the Healthy Starter detox pack to clear the past trauma of heavy alcohol consumption when she was in her 20's. This cleared her mind to reveal Divine insights during her meditation. Respect for women had not been modelled in her childhood home. Cutting off from relationships & relaxing with alcohol became coping strategies. Now, as a result of consistent personal development work, including kinesiology sessions, she knows she is worthy of respect and consideration. These transformative insights, gained as Pearls of Wisdom through Pathway Balancing, are precious and valuable resources that are leading to a richer and more loving lifestyle today.

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