Heart Consciousness Continues to Grow

In Pathway Balancing Kinesiology the soul's journey is described as an upward spiralling life path that takes us to higher levels of living life to the full. In the early part of the session, the client's issue or situation is looked upon as a metaphorical mountain. It is said that faith can move mountains. In Pathway Balancing, the client can begin to take steps of faith that will overcome that mountain and allow them to reach their peak. The Pathway Balancing Journey describes the mountain as having seven levels of ascension. The Heart Consciousness stage is reached when we have transcended the first seven levels of the Pathway Balancing Journey. A new area for growth was added to this stage last week. The Heart Consciousness stage is about changing the old restrictive patterns into an open hearted pattern of living. Energy work at this stage changes the resonance of our embodied patterns and memories. For example, we might have an embodied pattern of tension in our back muscles which causes back pain. The root cause may be emotional memories of feeling lonely as a child because our parents were so often arguing with each other and so rarely engaged in taking an interest in our genuine needs. To dissolve this pattern, there is an Opening at the Heart Consciousness stage that now states 'Completing our heart's vision requires both space and connectedness. These combine to produce a healthy new life. We are now ready to receive and give, in balanced relationships'. If you would like to learn more about your own level of heart consciousness, please contact me to book a kinesiology appointment.

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