Lowering the Drawbridge

Candace Pert says, in her book 'Molecules of Emotion', that the body is the subconscious. In craniosacral therapy, we work with embodied memories held in the posture and body tissues. In Pathway Balancing Kinesiology we also work with the concepts of the Drama Triangle and Unity Triangle. Both therapies encourage surrender to the natural flow of life in the body, thereby avoiding becoming stuck in ever-repeating, sabotaging patterns. In the Drama Triangle, we take up a position in our relationships of an Oppressor, Rescuer or Victim. All these positions are centred around emptiness, neediness, deprivation and desperation and create reactions to get attention or control. We are reacting to life behind a hard, defensive wall. In the Unity Triangle, we place God at the top, as our highest priority and first in all we do. The other positions are side by side with another person, considering not only our own needs but also theirs. The Unity Triangle centres around divine power, fulfilment, care, appreciation and love. Our boundaries are softened and sensitive. We are alive. What happens now, when we face the edge of our world?

Now we come to the edge again, but this time our vision is focussed on the things we value most. We know we can find the courage and support to go for our dreams again. As we step forward, we can see that we are in a new season, preparing for a new birth, for fulfilment of a long held dream. We have matured in our experience of the whirlwind and now we know how to stretch out our wings and ride the spiralling currents. In this way we come down to land and realise, as we look back, that we have crossed the abyss. We have made it to the Promised Land. We are safe. And now it's time to lower the drawbridge, to open the way for a new life to begin. Our bodies feel good again; the sacral bone can be unstuck, the bowels begin to move, feet and legs are warm and life returns to our lower body, no longer uptight with defensiveness. We are safe and strong, supported and loved. As the drawbridge is lowered, who will emerge into this new, different, way of life?

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