Assessing the Effects of Your Lifestyle

In craniosacral therapy, the treatment starts with an assessment of the client's resources. Because the treatment works by encouraging the production & flow of cerebrospinal fluid, the practitioner needs to get a sense of how much of this fluid is already present and how well it is flowing through the proper channels. Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is produced deep inside the brain and flows out over the surface, around the cranium (skull) and down over the spinal cord. The fluid disperses out along the spinal nerves into the body tissues. So the CSF is closely associated with the healthy functioning of the nervous system. The therapist has a number of ways of assessing this vital fluid as well as other health resources. The two years of training will have developed the practitioner's sensitivity so that hands-on contact will establish how fluid the tissues feel and any pulse or current of movement present. Verbal questions to the client will also identify how the person's nervous system is functioning, as well as visual observations by the practitioner. You will discover, within minutes of starting your session, the effects of your current lifestyle. Recently I have worked with clients who are either in very stressful situations, or are experiencing alot of physical pain. In two cases in particular, I have been pleasantly surprised to discover the internal resources of the person's system are rapidly improving and taking them towards health and recovery much more quickly than was apparent at the start of the appointment. Both people have taken the self-care advice given during the session and are creating a lifestyle that is supporting them into a healthier, happier way of living. Not only are they on the way to recovery, they are emerging strong and able to enjoy a way of life they would not have developed had they not engaged in therapy to overcome their problems.

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To have the effects of your own lifestyle assessed, book an appointment for craniosacral therapy or kinesiology by phoning Corrina on 01733 555 133 or e-mail You may also fill in the on-line Health Analysis for free advice by visiting the Nutrition page of the Pathway Balancing website now.