3 Stages in Emotional Stability

As we develop greater emotional stability, we will also have more physical energy, better relationships and improved finances. Over the past week I have worked with clients at all three stages of emotional healing and stabilisation. I define these stages as: Reaction, Recovery and Redirection. Our initial emotional Reaction, to a situation or internal thinking, will be based on our embodied experiences of our past. We feel old emotions, such as fear, anger or grief. If these are deeply ingrained we will behave in ways that are out of proportion to the situation or we will be too overwhelmed to function effectively. In the Recovery stage we can process these emotions, perhaps by crying, shouting or calling someone for help. We may also feel very tired or even develop a migraine or other physical symptom. At the Redirection stage we can move on from the effects of the past and begin moving towards the future. How effectively we do this can be radically improved with Pathway Balancing therapies or training. Because Pathway Balancing is about embodiment of the heart and soul energies, making positive changes to mind and body will result in positve outcomes and enhanced flow of life energy in all areas. If we still hold a lot of old patterns from past difficulties, we may still react in unhelpful and uncomfortable ways when feeling pressurised or challenged. As we continue our journey of healing and raised awareness, we will pass through the Reaction stage more quickly and easily. Recovery will be less overwhelming and result in greater clarity and renewed energy once processed. The Pathway Balancing Journey will give specific information and insights for the Redirection stage. This means our Redirection will create an upward spiral towards our dreams and goals. We can focus on divine providence and God's wisdom to help us see things from a higher perspective. The currents of change will enable us to open our wings and explore the landscape before we decide where to settle. Emotional stability is not about non-feeling, it is about restoring equilibrium and Redirection from a a heart-centred perspective.

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