Coming Full Circle

Life is sometimes expressed in geometric patterns, like triangles, spirals, waves or circles. This month there has been a theme of circles in people’s lives.

For some it's been a case of going round in circles and not getting very far. For others it's been a time of seeing an old pattern come around again in relationships. Sometimes the end of a cycle is coming nearer. It's also been a time of coming full circle, back to a point that's been reached in the past, but now with a different perspective and as a changed person.

Awareness and Balance

How can an awareness of these circular patterns help us? Seeing where you are, in relation to past patterns, gives you the power to choose what steps to take next. Seeing a familiar pattern can prevent disorientation, stopping you from becoming overwhelmed by either changes or stuckness. How do you feel at this point? Use your emotions to inform you. Maybe you feel sad that, after all this time, you aren't much further on with your dreams. Perhaps you wonder how to stop repeating a damaging pattern. It could be that this is an exciting opportunity and a chance to do things differently from last time you reached this point.

Staying balanced, energy-wise, is key to making progress and to enjoying each day of your life. A great way to find balance when things are going round in circles is to relax into the centre of it all.

Consciously physically allow your muscles to soften right where you are at any moment. Let go of tension wherever you find it. Take time out at some point in your day, and your week, to let your mind drift and to reflect on where you are now. Really accept things as they are and allow yourself to feel this in your body and emotions. See what comes up and allow it to inform you of what you need next. Honour the truth of who you are. Invest time in caring gently for yourself and allow unresolved emotions or tensions to dissolve slowly and safely.

Template for the Journey

The pattern, or template, for the Pathway Balancing Journey is all contained within a circle. This outer circle on the Pathway Balancing map is called 'Completion of the Journey' and is the furthest stage of the process. It's reached when someone has broken through the resistance that has been holding them back. It's a place of deep revelation and renewed clarity of purpose. It signals a time of fulfillment and the breaking of old constraints. The material in the manual contains information about the patterns laid down in our embodiment at conception. The conceptus is a perfect circle or sphere, so our body begins life as a perfect orb, full of jewels from our ancestral heritage.

Everyone is a one-in-a-million, unique, perfectly designed person and the journey from conception onwards continues to shape and form us, for better or worse, day by day. To me, life only makes sense when I see it as a soul’s journey, with a divine purpose and an overall divine plan.

One of my favourite verses in the Bible is 'The Lord will restore the years the locust has eaten'. It's in the Book of Joel, Chapter 2 and is one of many Biblical references to things being made right, put straight and back on track to where they would have been, had we not gone so far off course from the perfect plan God originally had for our lives.

When it seems you are just going round in circles, ask for divine help to show you what's in the way or what it is within you that needs to be released. If you find yourself back in the same situation as in the past, take the opportunity to go a different way this time. Know that you are different now. Draw on divine wisdom and revelation, and look out for green lights, red lights or maybe just yellow lights to guide you forward. Have faith. Take the next step and trust that the Creator of the universe can provide you with all that you need to complete your journey, beautifully this time.

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