12 Steps for Fulfilling Your Destiny - Part 3 of a 3 Part Series

Part 1 in this series was about laying the foundations for fulfilling your destiny. It included: 1. Nurture Your Health and Energy, 2. Establish Your Individuality, 3. Connect With Your Tribes and 4. Bring Out Your Identity.  Part 2 went into more advanced concepts for those at intermediate levels of development and change.
5. Revel in Your Bliss, 6. Structure Your Dream Life,  7. Overcome Your Resistance & 
8. Live in Your Personal Paradise. Finally, in Part 3, we explore the higher levels of awareness, which probably appeal to those who've been on a journey of spiritual growth for a few years, who may even be group leaders or holistic practitioners by now.

9. Allow Your Soul to Heal - ‘Healing of the Soul’

Once you reach a place in life that has a good degree of your personal Paradise on earth, you may need to give yourself some space. On the way to your destiny you had to overcome those obstacles, inner distractions and even some attacks along the way. Secure in the knowledge that things are going OK, you also have the confidence of looking back to see how much you’ve overcome. You have weathered the storms and can now drop your anchor and take some time out on the shores of peace.

In essence you are a soul, a divinely created being that has a mind, will and emotions. You were awesomely woven into a physical body and given life by a spirit that fires in your heart. People carry the wounds in their soul that occurred during their fall from God’s presence into this world of density and spiritual darkness. Yet within these very wounds we can find precious information about our unique mission and purpose on this Earth. The people that gain the most from a course of therapy, personal development and spiritual growth are those who engage fully with the process and who persevere until they reach a place of healing, peace, creativity, fulfilment and generosity. They are exceptional people and relatively few in number.

These rare and precious individuals have learnt to live in power, rather than by force. Life in the mainstream is dominated by pride, anger, selfish desire and fear. It’s about getting what you can for yourself, holding onto it in fear of loss, never being satisfied with what you have and defending your territory from attack. The current is horizontal and directed inwards. A life of power is headed by enlightenment, peace, joy and love. It’s about being who you truly are, creatively using your God-given talents, appreciating the value of all that you have and sharing with kindness and generosity towards others.

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10. Listen to Your Heart - ‘Heart Consciousness’

11. Produce Your Pearls of Wisdom - ‘Pearls of Wisdom’

12. Complete Your Circle - ‘Completion of the Journey’

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Joyce Meyer’s book ‘Healing the Soul of a Woman’ goes deeply but simply inot the subject of healing emotional wounds from a spiritual and lifestyle changing perspective.

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