Find and Fulfil Your Purpose and Destiny - Part 1 of 3

This Guide is a summary of the Pathway Balancing Journey, taking you through the higher levels of awareness that can lead you to your destiny and purpose. Every Step has been written down as I’ve worked with hundreds of people and their real life experiences. This material is a powerful source of received spiritual wisdom for your soul’s journey of embodiment and the discovery of who you are designed to be.  

Nurture Your Health and Energy – Healing the Body

If you don’t have the energy to get out of bed, let alone carry out your day’s activities, you can only dream of fulfilling your destiny. To become the person you are destined to be, your ideas must be followed by action of some kind. So your first step is to focus on building up and maintaining your health and energy.

Begin by coming from a place of rest. In a culture that shouts about 24/7 availability, it can be a major challenge to not only slow down and relax but actually stop and rest. I hear people say it’s a wasted day to just sit around or lay in bed. They have so much to do. Many people only stop when they’re ill or have an accident. I passionately believe in the health benefits of taking a planned and prepared for Sabbath Day of rest – yes, a whole day!

Let’s say you choose to keep Saturday as the Sabbath Day of rest. You will need to designate Friday as your Preparation Day. Make sure you tie up any loose ends in your work, by replying to e-mails, making phone calls, writing a To Do List and leaving everything tidy for when you start back to work again next week. Get your house in order. Make sure the ironing, cleaning and shopping are complete, the car’s full of petrol, mobile phone charged up or whatever you need to have peace of mind before you settle in to your rest. Once Friday evening comes, chill out. Light candles, pour a nice drink, put on your comfy clothes and settle down to a nice evening. Maybe you like escapist TV, a good book, beautiful music, a walk at sunset, easy conversation with friends or family and probably a delicious meal that was prepared in advance. Go to bed when you want to and don’t set the alarm. Stay in bed until your body tells you to get up. Let your whole system fully recharge, build up natural immunity, repair your nerves and allow your digestive system to relax and return to rhythm. Spend the day slowly, with nothing you have to do, just easy going relaxed, peaceful enjoyment. The time you invest in fully restoring your whole self for just one day will pay dividends in more energy, a clearer mind and a sense of natural order when you begin your active week again on Sunday.

Feed yourself well each day, not only with a good quality, well balanced diet, but also with food and drink you absolutely love. Taking high performance, pure, good quality food supplements can make a world of difference to how you feel and are a quick and easy way to make sure you have all the nutrition you need on a daily basis. High grade antioxidant supplements or foods are a great way to combat the natural wear and tear of daily life and normal metabolism. Add in as much alkaline forming foods as you can, for the same reason. Lots of water and a variety of fibre keeps things clean and vital in every cell. Tasty protein sources provide your building blocks.

Move and stretch your body in a targeted way for at least 30 minutes, 3 to 5 days a week, being careful to listen to your body’s responses for gentleness or more vigour.

Establish Your Individuality - Level 1 ‘The Individual’

Connect With Your Tribes - Level 2 ‘The Community’

Bring Out Your Identity - Level 3 ‘The Nation’

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I highly recommend this book, which I first read in April 1995, by James Redfield. It gives insights into how to follow the pathway to your destiny.