Find & Fulfil Your Purpose & Destiny - Part 2 of 3

Part 1 in this series was about laying the foundations for fulfilling your destiny. It included: 1. Nurture Your Health and Energy, 2. Establish Your Individuality, 3. Connect With Your Tribes and 4. Bring Out Your Identity. These foundational concepts would be familiar to people in the mainstream of holistic health, personal development and spiritual growth. In Part 2 we go into more advanced concepts, probably more suited to those at intermediate levels of development and change.

Revel in Your Bliss - Level 4 - ’Heaven on Earth’

We’ve probably all experienced that feeling of something being heaven on earth for us. It could be as simple as being outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air, hearing the birds in the trees and knowing that all around you is at peace. By contrast there are times when people ask why, if there is a God in Heaven, do such terrible things happen in this world. Interestingly there is a prayer, that is familiar to most of us, that says Our Father, who is in Heaven, hallowed be your name. Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven. So it seems we are asking for things to be as they are in Heaven, because we are on Earth, where things are not the same as in Heaven. This Earthly world can be a messed up place at times.

In this world there are oppressive forces that stand in our way. If there weren’t then everyone would easily fulfil their potential and live a life of heavenly bliss. Some problems are self-induced but often pain and loss comes through the actions of others or from situations beyond our control. To fulfil our purpose usually requires the courage of our convictions and the ability to follow through and make progress on our life path. We need self- awareness and flexibility in choosing the best option for fulfilling our needs and the needs of others. We needs God’s grace to help us.

An abundant life is a gift from Heaven that we must cultivate. All that is visible was once invisible, so drawing on the unseen resources of Heaven and the quantum field is a great way to sustain abundance. Your spiritual health is a core determiner of your overall lifestyle. How you relate to others will also have a massive impact on experiencing bliss and achieving your life purpose. How we live today will influence the quality of our life tomorrow. The presence of Heaven brings joy and peace.

Structure Your Dream Life - Level 5 - ‘The Dreamweaver’

Overcome Your Resistance - Level 6 - ‘Transformation’

Live in Your Personal Paradise - Level 7 - ‘Paradise on Earth’

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