Releasing Soul Attachments

"Oh Corrina, what a waste! Imagine if you were a Branch Manager with us. You could have had such a successful career by now!" I was sitting at my desk, in my role as Part-Time Administrator, when a visiting Manger from our Head Office happened to ask me about my C.V. and what I'd gone into after leaving school. I shared my story of starting as a Management Trainee with John Lewis in Sloane Square, Chelsea and then onto Assistant Manager at Don Miller's bakery shop in Brentwood, Essex. I was rapidly promoted and at just 19 years old, I was a Branch Manager in Peterborough. That lunchtime, as I walked past our Branch Manager's brand new 2017-Reg BMW5 to get to my 2002-Reg Citroen Saxo, I pondered on the question of career success. I could look back on times of success in my retail and sales career, with the company car, good salary and bonuses, yet I'd chosen to leave that pathway. I'd had the outer trappings of success but I'd felt empty inside and had no idea why. I didn't know it then but now I know that career pathway couldn't satisfy my soul.

Connecting With Your Soul

Let me define what I mean by the term soul. It is the deepest, most essential part of you. It is the seat of your emotions, mind and free will. Your soul existed before you were conceived and will move on to another place once your body has died. In scientific terms it is made up of the Dark Matter described in Quantum Physics. I picture this Dark Matter as a shimmering, purple-black, globule, a bit like the waxy droplets in a Lava Lamp. It sparkles with a faint, golden haze as particles and waves of light pass in and out of it, as defined in Quantum Physics.

It is your soul that sees through your eyes. It is your soul that thinks with your brain. It is your soul that feels through the chemical waves in your body. You experience your soul's presence when you are deeply moved by life. It is your soul that moves in response to seeing something beautiful, hearing an incredible piece of music or tasting exquisite foods. Intense emotions, pleasurable or traumatic, affect your soul profoundly. To connect with, and nurture your soul, you need to be fully engaged with life, with people, with times of rest and with a sense of the divine presence that upholds life itself.

Soul Attachments

Healthy, soul-nurturing experiences are vital to a fulfilling, purposeful lifestyle. However, we also pick up unhealthy soul attachments that can hold us back, contaminate us or drain the life out of us. Soul attachments are invisible threads, or residual stains, caused by intense emotional or physical experiences. In scientific terms, they are best described by Farraday Lines, which engineers understand when working with electricity, light, or electromagnetism. They commonly form during strong emotional relationships, sexual activity or times of duress and trauma. If these soul attachments are not released, they continue to affect us at the subconscious level. Something will trigger them, causing them to resonate or vibrate inside us. When an emotional or physical reaction is out of all proportion to the event that triggered it, you know you have hit a soul attachment that needs to be released.

To process these attachments you need to relax in a safe space and allow the emotions and thoughts to arise, be felt and allowed to discharge softly though your body. In the Pathway Balancing system, there is a wealth of material that deals specifically with releasing soul attachments at whatever stage in life they formed. At the deepest level, we can repattern the Layers of Soul Consciousness laid down when your genetic materials were being positioned in the correct order at your conception. One of these Layers is described in the 'Completion of the Journey' manual as 'Sparkling Paths That Lead to Creative New Destinations'. As your soul is set free from unhealthy, false attachments, you begin to see the richness in life again, to have more gratitude for God's goodness and to become more fully involved in all that life holds for you. You are alive.

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