You're Safe - But Are You TOO Safe?

Gateway 28 on the Pathway Balancing Journey is called 'The Walls of Jericho'. The Overview describing what we can see through this Gateway to awareness starts 'This is a story about defensive walls that keep the people safe. Nothing can get through. This seemed good to the people because they liked to feel safe.' In life, we all get hurt sometimes, disappointed about the way things go, or realise someone around us doesn't have our best interests at heart in their behavior towards us. To stop this happening again, we often put up defensive walls of some sort. We can make vows to "never let that happen again" or make a rule to say "No" to stepping over a certain line again. These vows, rules and other decisions can be an important part of our healing process after suffering a loss or a wound. But later on, in this Gateway 28 Overview, it says 'However, they found that they were very isolated and stuck.' Where staying at home was once a refuge, it now becomes lonely & empty, where time alone once meant peace it now feels like isolation, where saying no to invitations felt cool and superior it now feels sad and out of touch. There can come a time when you realise you've drawn the boundaries too far on the side of caution, but what do you do now? When you're on a journey of personal development and healing, you will be changing and growing, probably on a daily basis. Gateway 28 of the Pathway Balancing Journey is almost at the top of The Nation Level on the climb up the 'mountain' towards your destiny. The Nation (Level 3 of 7) is about being who you were born to be, being who you truly are and fulfilling the purpose your Creator placed inside of you. By Gateway 28, a journeyer will be seeing and sharing more of their true self with others, in the context of a healthier Community (Level 2 of 7). They will have a more stable foundation as an Individual (Level 1 of 7). From this stronger perspective a person can make different choices from the last time they came around this 'mountain'. Now they may have friends they can count on, and have learned to listen to their advice. Their finances or career path might be on a firmer footing. They may trust their relationship with God more wholeheartedly. Now, as the last paragraph in the Gateway 28 Overview says, 'Very slowly, they started to go outside of the walls. They began breaking down the barriers that prevented them from moving forwards.' Our barriers can become an obstacle instead of a protection. These old barriers can stop us taking opportunities that would fulfill the deepest desires of our heart. Letting these old defences go can be safe now, because this time things are different. This time we are wiser, more supported, more confident. we know we can go back into our refuge and take to time to heal if we need to. This time we can step out and explore, because now we are ready to walk towards Gateway 29 'Knowing You Have Something Uniquely Special Inside'. This Overview tells us 'Celebrating the joy of being unique, means surrendering to the Divine purpose for our lives. This frees us from oppression, from fear and gives us the courage to submit control to Divine will.' This time it will be different because you're safer than you've ever been before. Now is the time to step forward and be willing to walk again, over that line that protected you before but is now no longer needed.

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