Dissolving Defensive Walls to Step Out Again

Last week's blog was about the safe defensive walls of Gateway 28 'The Walls of Jericho' at Level 3 of 7, The Nation. This week the journey moves on, up the 'mountain' to Levels 4 (Heaven on Earth) and 5 (The Dreamweaver). There has been a flood of new material into these Levels this week representing the energy that moves when the defensive walls of the past are dissolved. The soul's embodiment through the sperm journey involves the experience of the sperm's outer layers dissolving, or bursting, once it is inside the egg. For the sperm, and it's attached soul, to experience the bliss and awesomeness of a new life, the sperm has to die, let go of the outer shell that protected and defined it on the way to it's chosen destiny with the egg. In the same way, we may reach a point where we have to let go of an old way of being in order to reach a state of heaven on earth and begin weaving our dream into a more manifested reality. A new title for one of the Clearings in Level 4 - Heaven on Earth is 'Having the Freedom to Be the Person You Were Always Meant to Be'. Once we can let down our walls they can be transformed into boundary lines instead. Now people can see us and the material that we are made of is more available for mutual exchange. Now we can move up to Level 5 'The Dreamweaver' and one of the Directions in Gateway 48 that says 'We all have choices to make between safety and risk. The power to choose is what sets us free. The only limit is the limit we set on ourselves.' A new Step in this Direction that was revealed this week says 'Being different makes life easier because we all have something to offer each other that enhances the different skills we each posses.' When the sperm's genetic contents are made available to the egg, the egg can eject it's own unwanted material via the polar body. We can grow in our personal and professional relationships by sharing in the same way. We might let go of an old pattern where we cut off from people if they didn't step forward to do what we wanted, in the way we expected, at the time we needed them to. We might choose to hang in there instead, and decide to learn more about them and give them more time to learn about us. We can switch from defensive 'now or never', 'all or nothing' impatience and fear of loss or rejection. We can instead make clear our current position and wait to see what develops or even reach out with an offer or invitation. By opening up to a risk like this, we may find ourselves in Gateway 34 and the new Direction of 'Deciding to Move Forward Because Our Choice is Honoured by the Divine Heart'.

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