Your Conception Journey as a Sperm

The sperm's journey to conception has been a long heroic one, overcoming massive odds against success. This little being, that your soul chose for its journey into embodiment, has made it to its life goal and is about to fulfil its divine destiny. This tiny creature will determine whether you will be a boy or a girl. The sperm has caught the scent of the egg, the smell of lily-of-the-valley, and approaches the object of its desire, probably still alongside a few remaining sperm from the original 'band of brothers'. The egg might keep them waiting for anything up to five days before inviting her chosen one to come closer. For reasons unexplained by science, the egg begins to spin, usually anti-clockwise. The clouds of cumulus oophorus cells float around her body like a veil of lace, gently brushing against the almost exhausted sperm, encouraging it to begin this first stage of conception. With the relief of arrival & a sense of being welcomed, the sperm nudges its way carefully towards the cells of the corona radiata, only to find them hard & densely packed. After all this hard work, is the sperm being shut out, rejected? Can it find the energy for the effort required to keep going? But now, there is nowhere else to go and nothing left to lose at this second stage of conception. So the sperm hangs on in there untill it suddenly realises it's trapped. The ZP3 receptors have locked the sperm's head onto the egg, at the third stage of conception. The sperm tail thrashes violently in panic, but now there is no more swimming, no getting out of this intact, the sperm is powerless, as good as dead, yet still alive. The zona pelucida cells of the egg begin to dissolve and the sperm begins sinking into this quicksand, desperately trying to get free but hopelessly trapped and at the same time exposed and vulnerable during this fourth conception stage. The sperm is no longer able to move under the crushing weight of the zona pelucida and the longer it stays there, the more sharp and painful the situation becomes. As the last traces of vitality cause the sperm to wriggle just a little bit, there is a sudden sense of space nearby, an awareness of deep waters looming. Does the sperm take the risk of moving towards the deep waters of the unknown, or stay where it is? At least this place is known and secure. When the pain of the zona pelucida outweighs the fear of the unknown waters, the sperm knows its time has come - it must now die a slow and painful death or make a final break for those unexplored depths. With a last heroic effort, the little sperm flies free, into the fifth stage of conception within the perivitteline space of the egg. It may be wounded, damaged, shocked or exhausted - all the familiar feelings of its initial journey to find this egg - but now at last it can swim free again. It can recover, it has a reprieve in a refreshing space. There may even be one or two of its former companions in here too. This is a time to reasess things, to explore the options, to think again about the destiny and dream. The sperm has crossed the edge of the storm and made it safely into the eye of the hurricane. This is a place to rest before starting the next seven stages that will bring its conception journey to completion.

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