The Dreamweaver

'The Dreamweaver' is the fifth of the seven levels travelled up the mountain of your journey along the pathway home to your dreams. The task is to identify the dream your Creator gave your soul when you were conceived. The journey is about exploring the mysteries of the spiritual realm that holds the memory of that dream. The work is to weave that spiritual revelation into a material reality here on earth today. The energy involves weaving threads of spirit into the fabric of your daily life in order to fulfil your dream. The results are greater stability, resilience and acceptance of uncertainty & risk. This produces a sparkling life, filled with love, power and overflowing abundance. This is the work we will be enjoying together this weekend, as the first Soul Journey Practitioner students undertake their training in 'The Dreamweaver' material. Would you like to follow us? To reach this level of training you will need to begin by discovering your natural energy balancing ability - through a Touch for Health course or a basic kinesiology skills workshop. You are then equiped to develop as a natural healer by starting the Pathway Balancing Kinesiology Diploma course. This starts with a journey into the sparkling, rich depths of your untapped soul potential. The journey that follows will lead you to a place where you can help others to manifest their dreams too. To become all you are destined to be, come & be part of the new group forming this summer. Corrina

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Basic Kinesiology Skills Workshop - Saturday 25th June 2011 | Pathway Balancing Kinesiology 1 - Sat/Sun 2nd/3rd July 2011