Which Body System is Weakening Your Health?

The ability to discover a weakness in your health, before it causes an illness, is a very valuable tool indeed. In addition to kinesiology muscle testing, we also use a Lifestyle & Health Analysis questionnaire at Pathway Balancing. This health analysis is also available on-line in our webshop. Once you've answered the questions about your health & lifestyle, the results take you to an animated screen where the information you need literally falls into place! The Body System that shows as lowest on the graph, is the one that needs your attention now. Your options range from simply having the information, through to a range of practical solutions that raise your health, well being and energy levels. Once you know which Body System is the weak link in your health chain you can act to strengthen that system immediately. The simplest and quickest way is to resolve your key system weakness is by taking the specifically formulated herb and vitamin supplement designed to restore strength to your lowest rated system e.g. Intestinal Body System weakest means Bowel Build Key System product will provide the right combination of nutritional needs for intestinal health and correct functioning. Click on 'Body Systems' and choose the Key System product for your lowest rated Body System from the Lifestyle Analysis. If you're not sure which Key System Product is your priority, click on 'I would like to contact Pathway Balancing for help' and e-mail us for free advice. If you feel you need a more thorough, personalised health check up, contact us for an appointment - a one hour consultation and treatment is £44. You may not need nutritional supplements but if you do, they are available to order for direct delivery after your session.

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Contact info@pathwaybalancing for more advice or to book an appointment now. Corrina Kennedy, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK