Identifying and Dissolving the Old Barriers

When life seems to come full circle, it is a significant opportunity for change that’s not to be missed

Last month I wrote about circles as patterns in our life and how this can help us see where we are and identify the next stage of our journey. Can you look back on your life and see a point where you would now make a different decision if you had the chance again?

My own current situation is a good example of this. I'm now in a position that takes me back to around 2001 - 2003. I'm back in full-time employment in financial services while also being a qualified and practicing therapist working from home. I live in a three-bedroom end of terrace house and drive the same Citroen Saxo I bought brand new in 2002. I'm a Christian and belong to a great Community Church. The big difference is that now I'm no longer in an abusive marriage. I'm free to make better choices. I'm also a very different person because of the refining processes I've been though. I'm waiting, watching and listening for the right way forward. I'm also learning to relax into being where God has led me thus far

Identifying Barriers and Blockages

In my kinesiology session I wanted to identify any blockages in my energy system that might be barriers in my new life. I could use a circle again, to see any patterns, by looking at The Wheel from the basic energy balancing method called Touch for Health. Over the course of twenty-four hours, our body energy moves through a cycle of two-hour peaks. These subtle energy flows move through the acupuncture meridians, just like our blood flows through our veins. By muscle-testing for weaknesses, or over-energised blocked meridians, it's possible to see a picture of your energy imbalances. Each Meridian affects an organ or system in the body, as well as corresponding emotional and mental qualities. By understanding what's happening in your system, and having natural therapies to correct imbalances, you can clear away blockages and restore a healthy flow of life energy.

This Meridian is about taking things in, being nurtured,
feeling appreciated and joyful

So I had a build up of stuck energy in the Small Intestine Meridian. It gets blocked by neglect, feeling unappreciated or sorrowful - a residue of how it felt to be in a miserable relationship back then. This blockage caused weaknesses downstream: in this case, the Circulation/Sex, Liver & Lung Meridians. So this pattern would cause difficulty with responsibility (Circulation Meridian), resentment (Liver Meridian) and low self-worth (Lung Meridian). By using techniques to release and restore the flow from the Small Intestine Meridian again, I could feel more nurtured, realise how much joy I have in my life these days and see how I am appreciated in many ways by people around me. This released energy then flushes round the circle to support appropriate responsibility (Circ/Sex), optimism (Liver) and self-esteem (Lung).

Dissolving the Boundaries

The theme among this month's client sessions was about meeting barriers, or boundaries, in a different way. Many people were responding to life in a different way, as a result of their personal development journeys. This included: listening to another without needing to put forward your own view; realising you can't control everything around you but you can influence situations; being genuine about how you feel towards someone, including being angry, feeling vulnerable or just sad; understanding you need time and space for yourself, away from those who may be depressed or hostile; being less independent and learning to share more openly with others. How we meet the world, other people or life situations sets up a boundary which can become a barrier. If we are defensive, mistrustful, wounded or insecure we may not feel safe enough to be our true selves.

To help us meet boundaries with more strength and confidence we can use the cross as a helpful pattern. The horizontal line is where we meet others and encounter daily life situations. The vertical line is how we connect upwards with Heaven and anchor downwards with Earth. On the Pathway Balancing Journey, the 4th Level is 'Heaven on Earth' and Gateway 39 here is called 'Emerging into a New Life that is Rich and Rewarding, within People and Places that are Enjoyable'. This month a new name emerged for one of the Directions: 'Richness is Magnified by Focussing on Openness to the Presence of Natural Prosperity'. Nature is all about abundance - just look at the number of seeds and fruits that burst from trees and plants of all kinds. When part of our life is blocked or lacking in some way, this is an unnatural state of being that needs release and healing. The prophet Jeremiah wrote "For I know the plans I have for you, says the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future". Relax and trust in the Creator of the universe. Relax into accepting the flow of the laws of nature. Relax and dissolve the old, hard boundaries that you don't need anymore.

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