Healthy Boundaries - Being a Whole and Complete Person

Last month's message was about dissolving old barriers that we no longer need. We still need to have clear personal boundaries though. Our boundaries can have lots of layers - our skin and hair, our clothes and make-up or grooming, our personal space a few feet or inches around us, our home or neighbourhood, our time, our sense of right and wrong - these are just a few examples. When our boundaries are over-stepped, or a line is crossed, it can have a minor or major effect on our happiness and health.

In the normal course of life our boundaries will be affected by others and by events. It's how we handle these situations that makes the difference. What's inside of us will come out when we're under pressure. When we feel free, confident and inspired we can express and produce our finest inner qualities. There are lots of ways to overcome stress but is it possible to go further than this? Can we reach a point on the journey where we can be a healthy, whole, complete person who can hold their integrity in any situation?

Mind, Emotions, Body
I see health forming on different levels - a bit like water forming as either mist, liquid or ice. When working on health issues I find it helpful to pin-point where these problems are located. I believe that if we can clear something up at an early stage - in it's formation at the misty, vapour stage - it will disperse more quickly and easily. If a blockage is left unresolved at the lighter, cloudier stage it can get heavier, denser and begin to sink down into the more liquid or even solid states. So I ask the question "Where is this coming from?" If someone has a physical symptom, like a headache, stiff joints or a skin rash, I'd wonder what had happened 'upstream' to cause this dense, heavy state of ill health. I'd look at tracing back to the source to see if we could unravel the underlying cause.

I love doing this, for myself and with clients, because it can not only root out and remove the cause of the problem, but can also have really great healthy ripple effects. It still saddens me that probably 80%-95% of people either don't understand this or aren't willing to go through the process that's involved. For example, someone may be getting headaches and skin rashes of some sort. How could they work through the layers to clear the roots out of their system? Physically: relax and breathe, letting go of tension in the muscles and scheduling in some rest time. Biochemically: take a good quality supplement, like NutriCalm, to feed and soothe the nervous system. Emotionally: go somewhere private and let yourself feel the emotions that rise up, allowing them to flow safely - with tears, shouting, brisk walking, singing or laughter. Mentally: take time to review the situation you are in and maybe find a good book or qualified expert to help you understand what's happening. Develop a strategy for change or for acceptance. Spiritually: pray, spend time appreciating nature, call on God, meditate on Bible verses like Romans 8:28 'All things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purposes'.

Completion of the Journey
The furthest and highest point on the unique Pathway Balancing Journey is called 'Completion of the Journey'. On the Pathway Balancing Journey map, it's shown as a circle, forming a boundary around us as a uniquely formed person. The material describes those layers of misty-to-dense energy again but this time in relation to the original formation of our body. The Introduction to the material lists the Layers of Embodiment. These layers paint a picture of a misty formation, a shimmering presence, our soul and then describe it's spiralling descent towards the denser materials of earthly form. By pin-pointing the Layer of Embodiment that was disrupted during this conception process, we can work to resolve problems at their deepest level. This has the potential to release very old patterns of distress or discomfort from our template or blueprint.

There are thirteen Layers of Embodiment that we go through, on the way to becoming an embodied soul, over the course of the conception process. The sixth layer down is called 'Strengthening of Boundaries by Meeting Resistance'. As the soul comes down into earthly manifestation it begins to meet with the buffeting negative forces that permeate this world. Passing through this stage can be referred to as 'going through the waists of the hour glass'. A whirlwind of change as we fall through the narrowing passage into a new place - just like a baby passing through the birth canal. Our soul and our new body become stronger by pressing through these challenging forces. So it is when we come across resistance, frustration or blockages later in life's journey. By holding to our boundaries, connecting with sources of support and protecting what's important to us, we come through all the stronger. We find the power to be fully present and alive. We learn to trust wisely. We find peace as we enjoy life on a new level of wholeness and completion.

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