The Soul's Template

It's been a busy time with new clients coming after the very successful Mind, Body, Soul event last week. These highly aware individuals are bringing new insights to the work of Pathway Balancing, with new Directions and Steps being formed in the material as  each person transcends the problems that have held them back from reaching their soul's dream destination. The issue of relationships between a man and a woman has been at the heart of much of the work this past week. The need for intimacy, companionship and shared endeavours in a commited relationship is often a deeply held desire and yet so often seems unatainable. One of the ways to address this issue is by working at the stage of 'The Soul's Template' - one of the highest Transcendent Levels in the Pathway Balancing Journey. Here's an example of how this might unfold in a healing way. In the Pathway Balancing Journey, it is believed the soul comes into embodiment by first connecting with the energy fields of its biological mother and father. These two people carry all the gems the soul needs in their DNA, but also carry the ancestral dross of the past generations in this fallen world. The souls destiny involves a process of refining out the pure gold of the parents and ejecting the unwanted qualities and material. The pattern imprinted on the soul will have profound effects on future adult male/female relationships. By applying the Pathway Balancing Healing methods at this stage of the Journey, many unhelpful patterns from the past can begin to dissolve.

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