Wasn't it a Great Weekend at Mind Body Soul?!!

Hi everyone - especially to new visitors that met us at Peterborough's Mind Body Soul event at the East of England Showground this weekend. Sue, Jolene & I had an absolutely wonderful time and the event was a success on every level, exceeding our highest expectations! Thanks for doing such a great job as organisers Richard & Hannah & we'll be booking with you again for the 22nd/23rd September 2012 event - which I can see being even bigger & better yet! There were 36 people at our talk & demonstration on Sunday afternoon and we could sense the harmony and open-heartedness of the group. It was a pleasure to spend one to one time with so many of those people at our stand afterwards too. Sue, Jolene & I were so busy both days, giving mini-sessions and answering questions for our other visitors. So what was the theme that emerged from the collective consciousness of these highly aware & sensitive souls that gathered together with us over the two days? It can be best summarised by the fact that lots of people went to the highest levels of the Pathway Balancing Journey in great joy & also that many others released their deepest hurts & pain as we sat by their side & listened. One person reached the highest of the 3 Transcendent Levels  - 'The Journey of the Soul' which opens with the line 'A turning point is reached when a soul's journey is all about love.' This was the case for another person who was in great distress but, with our stress release & grounding methods, was able to break through to Gateway 1 'Trackways of the Soul'. This is a black gate, formed with spirals & diamonds. As the life force coursed back into this person's body, the vision was that they were now running to escape out of the deep black pit they had been in. It was collapsing behind them, gone for ever, with no way back. In this vision they ran clutching handfuls of diamonds & gold taken from the mine of life experience behind them. The way forward now is to spend time with other people who share this rich experience of having mined the deepest dark depths of their soul to come up shining with the light & sparkle of refined gold & polished diamonds.

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