Embodying Joy

In recent weeks, there has been a clear trend in the craniosacral therapy work at Pathway Balancing. This trend has been among craniosacral therapy clients who have been having regular sessions for between four and six years. It is a picture of a journey that started with painful, difficult to alleviate, symptoms, then passed through the dark, threatening uncertainty of the root causes of the problems, and is now emerging into the almost unbelievable truth that the old enemy is now fading away, back into the ever more distant past. It really is true that the person is free, that life is really about enjoying the people, the work, the renewed energy and growing prosperity that are appearing all around. The hands-on treatment and self-care work are now about embodying joy and the process of clearing the tiredness and symptoms of the past toxic lifestyle. Do you need to recover your joy? The joy of being alive is the natural state we were created to experience. We were made to live in relationship with one another and our divine creator. Once you know you are loved, there is more courage & strength available to you to wait for more of the good things in life to come. When you know that you are supported, you can stand firm on your principles and refuse to compromise on your values. When you know what a good relationship looks like & feels like, you are empowered to be open and available for a heart-based intimate relationship with someone who is real, not ideal. In craniosacral terms, your body systems can now flow, be open and enable you to stand up with a graceful alignment. You are ready, physically & emotionally, to let your light shine and express your true self. The message to the world is 'Here I am - love me or leave me - but I'm enjoying every minute, every deep, rich experience, of a life lived to the full'. Your body expresses the victory of a life that has overcome obstacles. You are  a person that chooses to build a community based on the highest and richest of values. Your process is now about embodying joy.

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