Surrendering Control on the Soul's Journey

As many of you know, last April I was on the five day retreat in Somerset for the Egg Journey - the second of four trainings in Embodied Consciousness by Karlton Terry. On the soul's journey into embodiment, connection is made with the mother's egg and the soul experiences earthly life from the feminine perspective. The egg has no tail, no powerpack to propel itself as the sperm does. The egg has to go with the flow of the fluid forces in the mother's body and does so alone - unlike the sperm with it's gang of 'brothers'. The journey in the fallopian tube is one of waiting, with no certainty that the sperm will ever arrive to begin their new life together. But what happens when those few remainig sperm do arrive? What control does the egg have over her destiny now? Biologists now know that, although the sperm do push against the egg, it is the egg that chooses to open to her selected sperm. She uses discerment in choosing which one to allow into her space to create that new life for the embodying soul. The egg's entire journey is one of surrender and receptivity to the flow of life. This pattern plays itself out over the course of a soul's life. Where there has been wounding in relationship, the soul can develop a controlling spirit in an effort to feel more secure - but this is exhausting and creates anxiety. Knowing that the divine power that created life itself has guided you into embodiment, and continues to watch over your path, can restore that sense of trust and security again. Be receptive, stay fluid, use discernment, do all you can do and then let go of that controling spirit so that the truth can once again unfold in your life.

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Next Soul Journey Day  at Pathway Balancing, Peterborough - Saturday 5th March 2011