Cutting Soul Ties

Soul ties are strong, deep, energy bonds formed at the soul level between two people. Two of the ways they are formed are by sexual relationship or by covenant relationship, such as marriage. Once these ties are in place, through marriage or sexual intercourse, they act as an open energetic and spiritual pipeline between the two people. This means that whatever happens on a subtle or spiritual level to one person will have a corresponding effect on the other. The ties are not limited by time or distance and remain in place for life, unless broken off by spiritual deliverance. Cutting soul ties sets you free to experience a new life of freedom from the past and reconnection with your divine destiny. There are a number of ways to cut & clear soul ties from your life. It is a process carried out in a safe, trusted relationship with a practitioner working at the soul level. An internationally recognised programme for identifying and removing soul ties is the Cleansing Streams course, which is available around the UK. At Pathway Balancing, the Journey tracks the soul's energetic pathway and enables the Healing process to work at a deep level, uprooting attachments from the past that could be holding you back in the present situation. If you are at a major crossroads - or perhaps a roundabout - on your life path, cutting soul ties could be the release you need to allow beauty, peace and fulfilment to flow into your life and the A1 divine good plan for your life and purpose to unfold.

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