The Value of Relationships

What do you need in your life right now - specifically? Many people today want more money. The advertising media might say it's sex. Everyone has an appetite for food at some time. These needs and many others can often be a displaced need for real and healthy relationships. I still remember a colleague saying the needs we have as a baby are pretty much the same as when we are adults - food, holding, face to face contact, warmth, a clean and comfortable place to rest, interesting sounds and sights etc. No one goes through life having every need met in the right way or at the right time - or do we? It's true that so much reactive behaviour and destructive patterning is the result of hurtful or inadequate relationships in our past, but how do we go forward into healthier and truly valuable relationships from today? Our lives depend on successful relationships right from the moment of conception, when our egg chooses which sperm it will accept at its corona radiata. The ability to discern which behaviour is harmful and which is nurturing is essential to making a good choice - as is the ability to wait and trust that you can receive the best for you. So even an unpleasant interaction can be helpful in showing you that this person may not really value who you are - so you may choose to withdraw or to confront them with the way their behaviour has made you feel.

When there is space between us and other people, the one relationship that is always available to us is with our divine creator. We can seek this power in the natural world around us and in the very air we breathe. The more we know how uniquely valuable we are to the creator of all things, the more we can hold our own unique value in human relationships. Whatever our needs are right now, they are all supplied within our relationships - with the divine, with the natural environment and with one another. The value of relationships is without price.

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