Soul Journey Day - October 2011

Our group theme that emerged as the Day opened was loss of relationship - through bereavement, miscarriage, divorce or lost connection to the source of life. These soul wounds can manifest in all sorts of ways - wearing dark coloured clothes, becoming anxious, feeling ill with 'flu-like symptoms, exhaustion, and reacting from the head rather than responding from the heart. We needed to have compassion for the human limitations of ourselves and others. We took our morning break, then, as the healing work began, we started getting answers to questions from the morning's process. The group was working at the cutting edge of new vibrational energies emerging in today's collective consciousness and resonated  with acceptance, forgiveness and a harmonious life-view. We were letting go of agenda's about right or wrong and looking for ways to resolve issues and find a way forward in each situation. There was work to be done after the lunch break! Our journey up the Pathway Balancing mountain stopped at Level 2 'The Community' and we were stuck outside Gateway 15 'Belief in Ones Self'. This blockage was caused by damage to self esteem when we intend to get things right in our relationships but get it wrong & the relationship ends. We needed to accept that it's normal for things to go wrong in this world, forgive ourselves & have the humility to know we're not God! When we do our best to learn & create something good, worthiness increases & relationships can flow. After a well-earned afternoon break, we started to gather the wisdom of the Day to take back home. We realised that overcoming resistance strengthens us & lays down 'mother-of-pearl' layers in our soul that make us unique & beyond price. There are angels guarding & helping us. With them, we can create a spiritual atmosphere of peace, joy, warmth & welcome over our lives, homes & neighbourhoods.

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