Mending the Hole in Your Soul

......but do you know if you have a hole in your own soul?

You may have heard phrases like 'This is soul destroying' or 'It's a soulless place' but do you know if you have a hole in your own soul? A group of friends recently asked me "What exactly is this therapy that you do?" At work I was asked "So your therapy - is it massage then?" Sometimes I wish I could just say "Aromatherapy" and everyone would just get what I mean. If I say "Kinesiology" or "Craniosacral Therapy" people usually reply "What??" although occasionally someone has heard of one or other of these. Recently, in reply to my group of friends and my new work colleagues, I've said "It's called Pathway Balancing. The 'Balancing' is your energy level and the 'Pathway' is your best way to live your life". This seemed to be something people could relate to and ask a few more questions to clarify their understanding.

Another common conversation is where one person says they have a headache/cold/joint pain/digestive upset etc and everyone else immediately gives out confident advice on taking paracetamol/ibuprofen/anti-inflammatories/Gaviscon/Immodium etc. Not one of the advisers is a GP or pharmacist and none of them has carried out any form of examination or case history. I'm often amazed by the lack of understanding of the role of inflammation in healing, the importance of elimination of toxins, the adverse effects of medication, such as paracetamol destroying vital liver cells. For years I've sat quietly. Why? To be quite honest, I could no longer stand the tide of ignorance and hostility that would usually come my way if I spoke up.

Levels of Health and Awareness

As I explained to my group of interested friends, there are different levels of health and awareness. The medical model specialises in pathology, or the study of disease. It looks at the mechanisms of illness and its adverse affects on the body, usually with pharmaceutical or surgical solutions. When looking for the cause of a health problem the medical view seems to see illness as a mechanical malfunction or random biological accident. In holistic health, it's more of a whole picture of the person and their lifestyle. The science is based in more recent discoveries in quantum physics, rather than older Newtonian physics. Solutions tend to be broader and unique to each person. The emphasis is less on suppressing symptoms and more on getting healthier all round. Medical treatments tend to be quicker and more straightforward - take a pain relief pill and feel better within minutes. Holistic treatments usually require more time and may even be uncomfortable while real, lasting changes are being made. So it's a matter of personal preference, within each person's specific situation, to choose one form of treatment or combine both.

In Pathway Balancing the level of healing applied depends on the client's level of awareness, their willingness to make real changes and the resources available to them. The deeper the level of working, the more complete and lasting the effect. Going deeper means we can root out a problem more thoroughly. Going deeper also means we can tap into richer sources of healing, energy and empowerment. A simple, rough guide to the levels of enquiry and therapeutic work is as follows:

Surface symptoms/distress/difficulties
Physical structures - bones, muscles, organs etc
Nutrition - food and supplements
Biochemistry - blood, lymph, digestive juices, cerebrospinal fluid, hormones etc.
Emotions - feelings, irrational reactions, sensitivity
Mental - thoughts, habits of thinking, patterns of behaviour
Electromagnetic - as seen on MRI scans or ECG machines, acupuncture meridians, aura etc.
Environment - surroundings of a person, at home, at work etc.
Spiritual - life force, heavenly realms, quantum field
Soul - original essence of a person, unique being, individual consciousness
Divine - God, Creator, source, all-knowing, eternal presence

So you can see that if we deal with an issue at the level of the soul we can tap into the deepest layer of your potential for health and personal development.

Opening and Filling

There are both inner and outer signs of a hole in your soul. The inner sense is sometimes a vague feeling of something missing or not being quite right, or a deeper feeling of emptiness or loss. Sometimes there's no apparent reason for this feeling while for others it links to a definite experience in their history. The outer signs of soul loss can be some form of lack, loss or an absence in life. Some examples are: being out of employment for long periods, being in financial debt, a business not doing well, a practice attracting very few clients, difficulty being heard or understood by a spouse, a marriage lived as separate lives, the lack of a loving partner, inability to be creative or being stuck in an unhappy situation. To deal with these problems, you have to find the hole in your soul, face the opening, go into it and keep doing this until the hole begins to fill and your symptoms and circumstance begin to change. You can go through this process by yourself or with an experienced person to guide and support you.

Any hole in your soul will be protected by your body, which will contract around the hole to block it off as much as possible. So to locate your own soul wound, check out any area of tension, tightness or blockage in your body. Go to a safe place, where you can relax for as long as possible, and pay attention to that hurting place. Be aware of sensations, memories, trains of thought and allow them to unfold and inform you. The key to release is feeling - physically and emotionally. Let your body move as it needs to and allow the tears, laughter, or whatever else is stuck in there, to flow freely. When the tension has reduced and the emptiness now feels like spaciousness and freedom, you will sense a peace and warmth, a reconnection with yourself and the divine power that made all things. If you don't feel confident or skilled enough to go through this process by yourself, then a Pathway Balancing session will provide the necessary system, support and remedies to find and mend the hole in your soul. As Mark, the disciple of Jesus, said in Chapter 8 of his New Testament 'For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?' At the furthest point on the Pathway Balancing Journey - the material in the 'Completion of the Journey' manual - there is now a brand new layer of soul consciousness called 'The Fullness of Divine Love in Human Form'. Love includes caring - for ourselves and for others - and is a great way to fill and mend the hole in your soul.

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