On the Road to Recovery


In 2017 I was a participant on a seven month long course called Celebrate Recovery. It was the third year I'd taken the course, which is run by my local church KingsGate Community Church. As the name suggests, it's about celebrating our progress in living our best life today and in the future. It's about moving on and overcoming life's hurts, habits and hang ups, whatever they may be for any individual. The course is based on accepting God's grace to release you from the past, because if you could have cracked your problems in your own strength, you would have done so by now. All sorts of people attend the course: Christians and non-Christians, men and women, youngsters and mature people. All you need is a desire and willingness to change things for the better, then just turn up once a week and follow the course through to it's end. Simple enough but the fact that there are people who will attend such a course - or settle in to a regular series of therapy sessions, or read books on personal development - and people who don't, makes a whole world of difference.

The World we Live In Today

When best-selling author Alan Cohen is asked in interviews "Do you think the world is getting worse or getting better?" he answers "That depends which world you live in." This world is a vast place and the billions of people in it are amazingly complex and varied. Like many people, I avoid the televised and radio news bulletins that seem to feed drama, destruction and doom into the collective consciousness. But how easy is it to escape the pull of such consciousness?

What if you’ve been a victim of negative or destructive behaviour in your past?

Is the road to recovery, to a better life, all about feeling happy all the time and seeing everything as being rosy and all positive? There can still be days when you feel depressed, or just struggle to get anything done, or you actually feel ill or maybe feel really angry and frustrated with things. However, when you been through a programme of personal development, these episodes become rarer and short lived - more like passing memories of how you used to be most of the time.

Leadership and personal growth mentor John Maxwell writes about the four S's of Survival, Stability, Success and Significance on the road to recovery and your best life yet. I've heard terms like 'abuse-survivors' used rather than 'abuse-victims' to denote that the person has come through with strength and is no longer in a situation of oppression. However, rather than seeing this as the end, it's only the beginning. You're out, you're now a survivor, but is that enough - is that really a full recovery? Is a life of just surviving really worth the effort it takes to get out from under an oppressive force, personality, situation or environment?     

Silver and Gold

Both kinesiology and craniosacral clients at Pathway Balancing, are collectively reaching a new horizon where they are seeing things differently. Each person is now different on the inside, from the way they were a year ago. This inner shift is also beginning to change their lives on the outside. Goals are changing. For some, there are significant repayment of debts and borrowings, there is courage to consider dating again, and a major change in the dynamics of a marriage for others. The Pathway Balancing Journey manuals continue to grow and recently a beautiful new Direction emerged, at the 'Heaven on Earth' Level, with this amazing Pathway running through it: Silver and gold are earthly currencies, but true wealth is the current of life that flows through the heart, permeates our spirit and enriches the soil of our land.

The actual official currency of England is silver - your 'current account' was originally a measure of the amount of silver you had to exchange for goods and services. This was backed by your gold reserves - your 'deposit account' was originally a measure of the gold you held as security. Today our nation's gold reserves and silver currency are held by the Bank of England. Read one of your bank notes and see the small print under 'Bank of England' that says 'I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of Ten Pounds'. You are actually carrying an I.O.U. from the Bank of England for ten pounds in weight (not a kilo!) of sterling silver. There are 16 ounces in a pound and the price in April 2017, for just one ounce of silver was £13.79. So just one pound of silver is worth £220.64, so your Ten Pound Note should actually be worth £2,206.40 at the Bank of England!! This is what 'inflation' really means. This is why my first house in 1983 cost £17,000 and would now cost around £140,000 in 2017. Money needs to be received and wisely managed but is not a secure foundation for living. The first Step on the new Pathway, described above, is Freedom from past shackles of impoverishment, of relational lack and wrong livelihood. The road to a full recovery ultimately leads to a life of real wealth and true prosperity. The journey is really worth it when the fruits of your efforts begin to show in the promise of the first blossoms.

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