Less Pain, More Energy

The basic outcomes of holistic treatments like acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathy, kinesiology and craniosacral therapy are ultimately less pain and more energy. While there are excellent forms of fast & effective pain relief available, the holistic process is about resolving the underlying causes over a period of time. A holistic practitioner works through the layers of the client's problem, at whatever speed or depth the person is able and willing to go to. For example, the client may have come with a physically painful or restricted condition, such as a tight shoulder joint, immobilising back pain or recurring headaches or migraines. At their surface, these conditions could be managed with pain-relieving drugs, rest, physical manipulation or in some cases a surgical operation. A holistic practitioner will go to the next underlying layer of the body's fluids, such as blood circulation, cerebrospinal fluids (CSF), lymph, digestive fluids, hormones or the very fine, subtle water-vapour content of the acupuncture meridian flow. If any of these are stagnant, blocked or off-course, the physical structures of the body will be affected, and in turn will further impede theses fluids through tension, torsion or misalignment. This can result in low energy levels, or even pain, if left unresolved. So how can these conditions be resolved by a holistic therapist?

With hands-on body-work treatments, like kinesiology and craniosacral therapy, the practitioner can muscle-test or feel by palpation, giving the body physical support and attention. Hands-on contact, in very specific and sensitive ways, acts like the hands on the potters wheel, reshaping the underlying substance with the help of plenty of fluids. As a result of good holistic treatment, a client may experience symptoms of these fluids flushing and draining stagnant, ingrained or blocked tissues and toxins. Feeling heavy, looking pale or experiencing night sweats are followed by greater clarity, reduced pain and improved energy levels. Blocked and built-up over-energy causes pain in one area and reduced energy flow 'downstream'. So releasing these energy blocks, and increasing fluidity, promotes real, lasting health. Some clients want to know the causes of these fluid imbalances and to resolve these underlying layers too. Doing so creates not only less pain & more energy but also an increased capacity to live life to the fullest, with more creativity, better relationships and a sense of real aliveness. The choice is there for each person to make, on an ongoing journey of health. Pain and decreased energy rob people of joy and the ability to fulfil their destiny. The heart of a good holistic practitioner wants to see their client restored to their true selves. The best way to be is living life to its fullest expression, as co-creators of our daily life experiences, on course for living our dream.

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