Living at a Higher Level of Awareness

Is there a better way of living than our mainstream society would have us believe?

There are growing numbers of people like me and you who are looking for and finding a better way to live our daily lives. The search could start with a just a relaxation treatment of some sort, or perhaps, like I did, the quest begins simply with a food supplement to help with sleep. Others go all out as spiritual seekers, reading books, scouring the Internet, joining groups, attending courses or exploring modern day churches. As I see Christmas decorations going up earlier every year - November lately - I wonder if more people are simply desperate for some sort of meaning to their lives, something more satisfying than the High Street retailers can offer.


One of the greatest obstacles to building a better way of life is a lack of energy. If you have health issues, or are battling with constant tiredness, it may be all you can do to tread water and get through each day as best you can. To find a better way of life you must get a good night's sleep, take a day of rest every seventh day, get some fresh air and sunlight, drink water, eat clean, wholesome tasty foods, cultivate nurturing relationships and do all the other resource building activities you can think of.

The foundational starting point for a Pathway Balancing Kinesiology session is basic energy balancing using Touch for Health. These simple, gentle, hands-on techniques help to clear stress from the frontal lobes of the brain, so you can think clearly again. The specific contact points help the acupuncture meridians to flow freely again. The natural electromagnetic energy of your body can be conducted properly through all of your major organs and body systems, so your whole being can function fully, as it was designed to originally. When you have the energy to think and to move, you can do something about your situation and head towards a better way of life for every day, year, and decade ahead.


To me, awareness is the great divide between people who will reach a better lifestyle and those who probably won't. I love watching the interviews by Iain McNay on Conscious T.V. As the name suggests, this is a channel for those who are conscious of something more than the mundane levels of living. Such people are sometimes described as awake, or enlightened, or simply aware. I don't always agree with the beliefs or practices or those who take part in the shows but I always love learning and feel so at home with such fellow seekers - my own kind.

One of the most difficult aspects of every day life is the challenge of living within a largely unconscious, unaware, unenlightened, sleep walking society. When people are unaware of their unresolved trauma, it spills out into the atmosphere around them. When unaware, unconscious people fail to take responsibility for dealing with their wounds, they can hurt or harm themselves and the world around them. By having therapy, personal development training or a spiritual discipline, you can rise above the mess of your own past and the dramas of those around you. The Pathway Balancing Journey takes a seeker up to the peak of Paradise on Earth, where there is Healing of the Soul and opens into Heart Consciousness, giving Pearls of Wisdom, reaching wholeness and fulfillment at the Completion of the Journey. Well done to everyone who has made that Journey in this past year and is helping our world to become a better place by being a more balanced and aware member of society.

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