A Day of Soul Retrieval & Cutting Soul Ties

Last Saturday's Soul Journey Day had a different dynamic from previous Days, as we looked out on the start of 2012. Our little group soon settled into a cosy atmosphere, with bright winter sunshine streaming through the south-facing window and everyone snuggled into their tub chairs with soft blankets wrapped around legs. There was a sense of grounding, depth, rootedness and lively curiosity about the way ahead. Our initial group discussion revealed how much each of us had overcome on our personal soul journey to date. There was recognition of the accomplishments of each person and an awareness that much more was yet to come. There was a collective desire to 'get this stuff out there' because we recognised the profound effects that the power of Pathway Balancing had manifested in our own lives and we wanted more people to benefit from this work. As the group embarked in its Soul Journey for the Day, it was apparent that our energies & needs were all positive and good - both as individuals and collectively. We were centred in a sanctuary that held dazzling, priceless pearls of wisdom - a place that would feed us. A guided meditation session showed we had reduced our 'mountains to mounds', discovered a tower of strength and found the way home. This deepened into an exploration of the Conception Journey as the soul comes into embodiment. We opened soul energy Gateway 45 'Stability Produces the Richest of Relationships' and our work intensified into tracking back to earlier times in life that needed energy balancing. There was a session of soul retrieval - bringing back a part of the person that had lost it's sense of vocation in the past, but could now integrate and empower the person to go for their specific dream destination. There was a powerful time of removing soul ties - breaking attachments from a past relationship that was 'infecting' the present with false ideas and feelings, in order to release the truth of the good life in the present and a true sense of self-worth and value. The Day finished with each person having a unique 'To Do List' for nurturing and manifesting their purpose. There was a group balance for all those who are part of Pathway Balancing to keep an open heart and commit to leading Pathway Balancing forward this January. It was a clear and frosty night as everyone stepped out to bring their plans and purpose to fruition.

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