Escape to Eagle Mountain

Is Monday a depressing return to the 'battery hen' office job or maybe a lonely day at home as a 'pet chicken'? We often make choices based on our need to feel secure in this changing world but those choices don't always satisfy the deeper longings of our soul. In my work with clients last week, there was a theme emerging of a desire for something more, something better, for more fulfilment of the life people had set out to create. My work involves helping someone to find the root cause of whatever blocks their progress towards better health, financial prosperity or harmonious close relationships. In many cases, there has been a traumatic event or a period of sustained stress that becomes intolerable. The healing work helps to release as much of this embodied negative energy as possible during the session, freeing up mental & physical energy that can be directed more positively. So are you really an eagle, stuck on the ground eating chicken feed? Are you ready to fly? The promptings of your soul will lead you to seek that 'something' that you need in order to feel fulfilled and secure. The Pathway Balancing system shows you where you are on 'Eagle Mountain' and is a resource that enables you to fly to the highest level and to embody a lifestyle that sustains you at the top of your personal paradise. This journey may not always be easy & it won't happen overnight but it is so, so worth it! Whatever you have to overcome or attain, in order to reach your dream, I encourage you to take the steps that will bring you there today. What does your personal mountain look like? Is it a smouldering, dark volcano with its gates obstructed by demons? Is it a quiet but steeply sloped hill with lots of intriguing shortcuts leading off its paths? Does it look like a jewelled mountain, wreathed in rainbowed mists, with a sunlit summit glittering above you? Let me help you find your way. I've made it to the life of my dreams and there is still much more to unfold. I'll sit with you & listen and, if you're ready to go, I'll take your hand & lead you that little bit higher, to a safe & beautiful place.

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