Revealing the Real, Secure You Under the Layers

This past week has been a time of seeing the fruits of a long journey towards wholeness, as layers of old, limiting patterns have been dissolving for so many people. In craniosacral therapy, practitioners work with the principle that everyone has a deep, core of health within their system. The aim is to allow that health to permeate through to the surface and beyond, transforming the person's life in the process. I've worked with clients at both ends of the process recently - those that are still stuck and those that are now flowing. I can apply my skills with equal diligence but the person must decide on their response and is the one that must live out the process beyond the therapy room. So what is the key difference between being stuck in old pain & patterns, or moving on into health? Being stuck & remaining in pain is frequently rooted in the need for control & trying to make things go our own way, according to our own plans. However, surrender can be a massive challenge and very difficult to tackle alone. The gentle process of craniosacral therapy allows the body to soften & dissolve embodied layers created by emotional control. This process may require time in order to build trust & not everyone is willing to make that investment. Seeing people who've made that investment, and who are now reaping the rewards of freedom from past pain, reminds me the journey is worth the effort. I'm seeing that rare jewel emerging from the layers - the real, secure person who has come through and made it home to the abundant life that a controlling spirit will never touch. Corrina Kennedy, Peterborough.

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