Divine Heart Guidance as the New Year Begins

The basis and centre of our lives will determine the way ahead for us this year and create the outcome of our efforts in 2012. The safest place to be is under the protective wings of the Divine heart. The Pathway Balancing system has been created through Divine guidance, to give answers and healing to those of us that seek God's guidance for the Way ahead. The therapy and training rooms here are the miraculous provision of a loving God and many of you will know the amazing ways this has happened during the past few years. In this sanctuary we have access to grace and guidance that heals our past, gives us comfort, joy and confidence for today, and directs our paths towards our uniquely conceived purpose on earth. This weekend (Saturday 14th January) will be the first Soul Journey Day of 2012 and this is a time of preparation, in the natural and supernatural, for those of us taking part. What are the messages coming from the Divine heart as we draw closer together for the workshop?

A major theme in the practice, as the year starts, is a need for rest, warmth and comfort during these long evenings and dark mornings, to prepare us well for the coming spring. There have also been powerful times of deliverance from destructive attachments and lies from the past, that would have sabotaged the emerging life of abundance and fulfilment ahead. Insecurities have been uprooted that came from erroneous beliefs about not being good enough. Fears, that actually belong to someone else, have been exposed and released. Ancestral patterns of neediness, rescuer mentality and stifled talents have been peacefully dissolved. The new patterns that are now building, ahead of our Soul Journey Day, are ones of greater stability and confidence. This is a time to let go of old strands still stuck to us from the past, a time to draw comfort from our material provisions, to soak in being with people that know and care about us. If we shift our centre to the Divine heart and sink into surrendering to the eternal presence of God, we will receive the support and guidance from above that can take us forward into the best year of our lives so far.

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