Secure the Perimeter Without the Defensive Wall

The years will pass anyway - the question is what state will you be in when they do. A new client often asks how long they need to come for therapy - the answer is "as long as you want to". One client reached a momentous day this week - she was finally secure and said that the defensive wall she used to have was gone. There was nothing in the way now and her long-held dreams were all unfolding into reality. It had been quite a journey, taking almost seven years. It had meant taking risks to step into the unknown, face up to people's lies and control, and slowly but surely, constantly reach out for the life she longed for. It had now paid off - something so many people never experience because they've stalled at the next fence and never tried again. So how does craniosacral therapy play it's part in the journey to security? Our bodies store and hold the memory of our soul's journey into embodiment: the soul coming into the energy field of the parents, the egg journey, the sperm journey, the conception process and the deepening into the genes. As we progress through our birth journey and into earthly life, we pick up messages from our parents, our family, neighbours, church, school, social life, work life and love life. We process these relational messages and 'join the dots' in our own unique way. We then hold our bodies and move in ways that protect us, nurture us, satisfy our curiosity and express our creativity. We are all born vulnerable and develop some degree of insecurity as the fallible human beings around us inevitably 'drop the ball' at times. We may need to put up an invisible defensive wall to hold ourselves together and stay safe from unpredictable people. These habitual mental and emotional processes create physical synaptic pathways in our brain and tension patterns in our muscles. The joy of successful therapy is when the levels of energy, ability to relax and capacity to resource ourselves all build up to the point where we no longer need the old defensive walls. The old synaptic pathways and muscular tensions have been broken down and dissolved, often through lack of use in our new freer lifestyle. We have the energy to be responsible for our own needs and allow space for others to deal with their own stuff too. We no longer have to be perfect and can tolerate the lack of perfection in others. We are free to be secure in our connection to life and be secure in our relationships with others. We have our safe, sensitive boundary that enables our life to flourish among others.

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