January's Soul Journey Day

This month's Soul Journey Day was sold out before Christmas & I needed to add an extra seat to meet demand - plus two more people have had to book onto the March date as I couldn't fit them in this weekend! This confirms there is a strong need for soul therapy, healing and guidance. More and more people are seeking a spiritual path that will lead to wholeness and a way to overcome the struggle of moving forward positively. I hope more people will sign up for the Soul Journey Practitioner training that starts in the spring. It is a 2-year kinesiology diploma followed by a 1-year post-graduate course that enables each participant to become an effective soul therapist. People are crying out for the positive energies that we experienced on Saturday and new insights were gained as we travelled through the levels of the Pathway Balancing Journey. Our journey took us through the pink Gateway 10 for 'Renewal of Life Path' & Clearing issues around 'reclaiming the part of ourselves that we lost on the journey'. The highest Gateway we needed to open was no.59 'The Heart's Fulfilment' which then took us in the Direction of 'An exchange of energies that creates synergy for the satisfaction of a truely rich life'. One member of the group transcended this level to reach the place of 'Paradise Regained', which tells us that 'People who have regained Paradise know the difference between conditioned & unconditional love. Finally, our group balance at the end of the Day reached the place of 'Pearls of Wisdom' which brought our combined energies to a state that was centred in divine unconditional love. We truely had a wonderful & special day together and I'm looking forward to the next one on Saturday 5th March 2011.

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