Discover how to make changes

problems we may help you with

  • Low confidence, feeling unfulfilled
  • Wanting to grow, develop and get ‘there’
  • Relationship changes and issues
  • Overcoming habits like drinking, smoking, eating poorly
  • Financial issues, generating more income, career changes
  • Life balance between work, rest, interests, people, service
  • Feeling disconnected with your soul and seeking signposts

Therapy sessions

Craniosacral Therapy

Safe, gentle and relaxing. A method of holding the body that allows fluids, muscles and tissues to be restored to their natural alignment allowing freedom of movement. Clients choose Craniosacral Therapy for pain relief and relaxation when they can’t move properly, can’t get up easily, are aching or feel discomfort.

Pathway Balancing kinesiology

Muscle-testing, energy balancing and natural therapy to improve posture and restore the flow of your natural movement. People come for Kinesiology to find and resolve the root causes of troubling symptoms such as headaches, tinnitus, fibromyalgia, skin rashes, digestive upsets, or urinary tract problems.

Benefits of a treatment program

Although you can choose either supplements or therapy, our recommended treatment programme combines both. A combination treatment programme has been shown to give the best results, such as:  

  • Guidance on practical steps for change and breakthrough
  • Courage to make and sustain healthy changes
  • Constructive methods for achieving balance, health and desired outcomes
  • Treatment programs at your own pace, according to your available resources
  • Achieving goals to make this your best year yet
  • Support for the process of growth and maturity
  • Groundedness in everyday reality
  • Reconnecting with life, enjoying life and getting more out of every day
  • Being able to feel again
  • Having renewed hope
  • Purpose and new meaning to life
  • Being present in the now
  • Finding your way on your unique pathway through life
  • Integrity, honesty, realism
  • Taking responsibility for what’s yours and letting go of what’s not
  • Creating order in the chaos and seeing meaning out of the madness
  • Creating an oasis of peace, comfort and safety
  • Discovering a safe structure for resolving deep rooted problems
  • Better understanding of what’s happening in the patterns of your life
  • Reassurance from scientific validation of treatment methods
  • Discovery on an amazing journey of insight and revelation
  • Moving closer to your destiny with clear steps, directions, viewpoints and levels
  • Seeing your vision for the future becoming clearer, unfolding and manifesting
  • Time for you, now



Recommended Programme


the pathway balancing journey

£44 for each
1 hour session

The unique material contained in the Pathway Balancing Journey will fascinate you, as the answers you need unfold with every Step along the spiralling Pathway.


Corrina is a Senior British Registered  Complementary Practitioner (SBRCP) with over 26 years experience.


master gland formula

120 tablets

Supplies the glands with nutrients and contributes to a reduction in tiredness, fatigue and the normal functioning of the immune and nervous system. Contains Pantothenic Acid that contributes to normal mental performance and energy yielding metabolism. 

What do you need help with?

  1. Energy and relaxation
  2. Stress and anxiety
  3. Pain and discomfort
  4. Searching and changing


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