Understanding Craniosacral Therapy

The cranium is the skull and the sacrum is the wide bone at the base of the spine, in the pelvic bowl. Craniosacral therapy helps these vital bone structures to align with each other. The movement that realigns these structures is the natural tidal movement of the craniosacral fluid (or CSF) up and down the spine and around the brain.

Craniosacral therapy is a physical treatment that is gentle yet amazingly effective. By supporting joints and tissues around the whole body, the natural body fluids can be encouraged to fill every cell and release tension.

A technique that I use frequently is called fascial unwinding. Fascia is a clear, tough, fibrous tissue that covers and connects all the muscles of the body. This fascia can become twisted, tight or dry. By allowing it to soften again, it can unwind and allow normal body function to be restored again. 

A session of craniosacral therapy can be quiet or even silent, for deep relaxation. At other times it may be helpful to use verbal dialogue to gain a deeper understanding of the processes at work during a treatment. Sometimes it’s OK to just chat about your day or your life and simply enjoy a nice treatment that makes you feel relaxed and cheerful, sleepy and much better than when you came in.

Corrina has a very special approach which combines professionalism, years of accumulated knowledge and a highly sensitive, intuitive personal touch. It makes for an experience unlike any other. Her priority is tuning into the precise needs of her client, ensuring their needs are deeply met. She is adept at moving with the moment, adapting to ‘what emerges’ and providing gentle, expert guidance when you feel ‘stuck’. Spending time with her was like shining a light into some of the dark, unacknowledged areas of my being. It has allowed me to make peace with some of my personal ‘demons’ and to find a new way forwards into personal growth. A deeply moving, satisfying experience which has left me stilled and full of wonder.
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