Watching the Undertow

During a course of therapy, whether to overcome depression, trauma, back pain or for personal development, clients need to learn to watch the undertow. As treatment progresses over the weeks and months, there are wonderful times of breakthrough, healing and re-energising. This flushing through of vitality, fluids and raised awareness clears out the rubbish that held the source of the painful symptoms. The more often this happens, the stronger the person becomes, developing the lifestyle they are aiming for. Without proper awareness, the undertow can knock someone off balance and cause them to think the therapy isn't working. When a wave breaks on the sea shore, it is followed by the water pulling back into the sea. This seaward current is called the undertow and often leaves a trail of seaweed, shells or litter on the sand - until a fresh wave comes to wash over it again. In therapy, the undertow is the wave of old symptoms, behavioural patterns or unhappy emotions that wash to the surface as treatment progresses. Don't get sucked in or pulled under by these old strands of the past.  Just acknowledge them and remember you used to feel like this all the time, only it was worse back then. Take a deep breath in and out, lift your head up and know how far you've come. Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice of 2010 and a Full Moon. The tide is turning.

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