Take Two Steps Back

Craniosacral therapy allows us to see the tangled knot of emotions that causes us so much tiredness and pain. It can be so easy at times to just keep going, doing things the way we're used to doing them, and blaming our tiredness or ill health on the time of year, the weather or the famous 'bug going around'. In a craniosacral therapy session there is time and space to talk about life's demands and to allow the body to release muscular tension created by our emotional containment in a challenging situation. New solutions can now emerge. The normal emotions we experience as we are growing up become embodied in the nervous system and muscles. This enables us to react quickly when we face a similar situation in later life. It is when this reaction begins to cause us problems that craniosacral therapy can help us learn a new response. By working with the body and the mind together, a new strategy begins to replace the old conditioned reactions to stress. A more relaxed body and clearer mind allows us to take two steps back: first, relax into your own body & be aware of your own needs; second, consider the needs of the people you love. Once you've taken these two steps back from a difficult situation,  you are positioned to resolve any conflict with effortless power.

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