Opening to Freedom

Part of the work involved in craniosacral therapy is that of opening up stuck places in the body & mind. Regular monthly sessions open up the cranial and vertebral joints and the spaces in the meninges, allowing a freer flow of cerebro-spinal fluid. This enables the brain, spinal cord & whole nervous system to cool, heal and be properly supplied with vital nutrients. Combining hands-on treatment with verbal dialogue allows the mind to open and clear away old patterns of thinking. Mental pictures can be reframed to transform them into a new resource. I've been having craniosacral therapy every month for about six years now, and last week I experienced an opening and freedom that had never happened in a session before. We all tend to hold major amounts of tension in the back of the neck, especially in the O/A joint (occipito-atlantal joint) which can cause migraine and headaches. Migraine was the original symptom that led me to try craniosacral therapy about ten years ago. The migraine symptoms were severe for me, leaving me exhausted for two or three days afterwards. Now I can't remember how many years it's been since I last had any sign of a migraine. In my treatment last week I felt the O/A joint opening and freeing completely. I had been talking to my practitioner about blissful childhood memories of a secret garden I had found back then. I was completely safe from bullies there, as I was the only kid small enough to crawl through the hole in the brickwork. This memory of safety and joy, combined with the gentle hands-on contact, released the joint that had been stuck down in fear & anger for so long. The overall effect of the treatment was a realisation that I was now free to open up more in life, because I now know how to find safety and enjoyment in my present day living. Physically I felt like I had dived into a deep, warm, blue swimming pool. At the end of the treatment I almost leapt off the couch and stretched my arms out as far as I could. I was free and it felt good to be alive.

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