Forgiveness Frees You from Rejection

Last Saturday I was a Helper on a training course at the KingsGate Centre in Peterborough. I expected it to be a good day as I'd been a participant on the course last year. We all learnt something from each of the days' speakers and many of us experienced healing at the spiritual and emotional levels. The first subject of the day was reconnection with unconditional Divine love and how this can be blocked by earlier experiences of conditional human love. The imperfect relationships we establish with each other throughout life can leave us with unresolved feelings of rejection. These unresolved emotions can leave a root of bitterness in us that can damage current relationships, unless they are rooted out and cleared. An important aspect of therapy at Pathway Balancing is the clearing of the emotional layer of energy. This layer energetically connects the mind with the body. If the emotions from the past are unresolved they can have an impact that reduces our physical energy, making it harder to get up in the mornings for example. A clogged emotional layer can produce cloudy, unclear thinking or a mental focus on anxious imaginings. Forgiveness releases us from old attachments that can keep us stuck in the past. Forgiveness, when someone has let you down, can be a difficult process. You may feel safer doing this with an experienced practitioner to guide and support you. The peace and clarity that comes as a result is well worth the journey. Begin it now.

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