Do You Need to Slow Down?

The primary way to deepen into your soul's energy field is by slowing down. Slow down in your car & stay within the legal speed limit, enjoying the view and listening to music. Slow down in your physical movements & notice your posture, allowing your muscles to relax & your body to feel comfortable. Slow down in your mind by stopping the imaginary conversations, the mental constructs of events before they happen, the criticism of yourself & others for not doing something a certain way. Slow down and let your five senses inform you about your soul's energy field. How can you experience the depth and richness of your soul's potential? Look around you right now and take in all that your eyes can see, and take your time to do this more slowly than the initial impulse that arose at first. Then close your eyes for a few moments and pay attention to your internal environment, such as your heart beat, breathing, muscle tension, nervous twitches or fidgeting. Now sit still for a moment & notice the alignment of your pelvis, back, neck & head. Do you need to adjust in any way to bring about a straighter midline? Perhaps you'll need to exercise more to improve your physical core strength. Your soul is a huge energy field of potential and the more of this field that is embodied, the more power and fulfilment you'll have in your life.

I've had a wonderful time this month as a participant on the 6-day residential course with Consciousness Embodiment Trainings on 'Deepening into the Genes & the Synchronistic Field of the Soul'. Then this weekend I taught Pathway Balancing Kinesiology (PBK) as a residential module for the first time, which allowed a slowing down & deepening into the PBK Journey and Healing materials. Another group of students will be here this Friday & Saturday for PBK 2, non-residential, as we work to deepen into wholeness from the soul's perspective. To experience this work for yourself, there is a Soul Journey Day happening on Saturday 9th June and all six places are available for booking now with just £20 as deposit (non-refundable). E-mail now to reserve your place. Corrina Kennedy, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

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