Discover the Jewel in your Family Dynamics

Having my quarterly supervision session last week helped me to see how the family dynamics of many of my clients are opening up & freeing them to be more of their true selves. The energy field of our biological parents draws our soul towards the patterns of their ancestral bloodlines, which we then embody at our conception. Uncovering these patterns over the course of regular therapy is a journey of discovery. There are sometimes blocks of heavy or dense energies that keep us stuck in old patterns that can manifest in relationship problems, financial difficulties or other ways. Releasing these, with energy balancing methods, allows the jewels of our ancestral inheritance to shine & enrich us at last. We need a safe system that allows us to find that freedom. One of the most effective ways of seeing & dissolving unhelpful family dynamics is in a group setting. Remember that we can never see our own face, only it's reflection. A group setting enables us to see a multifaceted reflection of our soul. When there are safe boundaries in place and a safe system of tracking and healing the wounds of the previous years, we can open our hearts to more of life's richness within our group. We then know how to do this safely once we move back out into the world that we live in.

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