Corrina Kennedy of Pathway Balancing

My personal journey

From Passion to Profession

I experienced kinesiology for the first time in May 1991. I was amazed and fascinated by the muscle-testing and the feeling of energy shifting and changing during and after the sessions. I wanted to know how it worked and signed up for a Touch for Health two day course. I found the training easy to follow, with a simple manual and guided practice from the Touch for Health Instructor. I loved seeing the results when I practised these basic techniques on my friends and work colleagues.

I continued with more two-day kinesiology courses in more advanced skills and realised this was my vocation. After three years of training to become a kinesiology practitioner, I went on to train as a Touch for Health Instructor and registered with the International Kinesiology College.

In 1996, new insights in my professional practice started coming through, with just a few notes about ‘searching for the highest possible source of help’. These early notes grew into several sheets and then two folders. Over time, the material continued to grow and a clear structure developed. The system was eventually named as Pathway Balancing Kinesiology.

Growing self-awareness

As I started seeing more kinesiology clients, I realised I needed further professional skills when working therapeutically with people. The energy balancing and bodywork was very effective but raised the person’s awareness of some of the causes of their energy imbalances. I also found myself listening to the person’s story of how their condition or situation affected them emotionally.

I felt I needed skills in counselling or psychotherapy and decided to take a degree course in Person-Centred Psychotherapy with The Sherwood Institute in Nottingham (SPTI). The course required students to be in weekly psychotherapy themselves and I found this support to be hugely informative in my own journey of self-awareness and personal development. We were also required to have Supervision for the development of our practice and our early work with voluntary counselling clients.

I now use the skills and experience gained from the two years I spent with SPTI in my kinesiology and craniosacral therapy sessions. Verbal dialogue, or talking therapy, forms an important part of my work. Some of the issues I work with include patterns of co-dependency, the Drama Triangle of Victim-Oppressor-Rescuer and the dynamics of Parent-Adult-Child in interpersonal relationships.

As I continued my psychotherapy training, I began to see that working relationaly through talking alone, seemed limiting and a slower process. I wanted to combine verbal dialogue with the bodywork and energy balancing skills I had as a therapist.

The Body remembers

Sometimes a physical symptom needs hands on physical treatment and my own experience of dealing with migraines confirmed this. When I was told that medically nothing could be done to treat migraine I couldn’t accept this and began to search for alternatives. I read a magazine article about Craniosacral Therapy as a treatment for migraine and decided to give it a try. I had to travel several miles to find a practitioner, and continue regular sessions for about a year, but it was worth it to be free of the horrible, painful and temporarily disabling neurological condition.

Once I had experienced the benefits of Craniosacral Therapy for myself, I really wanted to provide this treatment for other people. I enrolled on a two year Diploma Course and qualified with the Institute of Craniosacral Studies in 2006. We studied advanced anatomy, and practised the sensitive, hands-on listening and stillness required of a Craniosacral Therapist. The training course was an especially wonderful time for me. We attended long-weekend residential training modules in a beautiful setting in The Cotswolds and I still treasure the memories of special times together with my fellow students. Our tutors included Graham Kennedy, Craniosacral Therapist and Child Psychotherapist in Reading Berkshire, and Matthew Appleton, Craniosacral Therapist and Psychotherapist in Bristol.

creating a unique, professional training course

As the Pathway Balancing Kinesiology (PBK) system continued to grow, I knew it was time to pass this amazing material onto others and spread the availability of the work for more people to discover their destiny. I taught the first student, Jayne Nelson from Essex, in 2005. In preparation for future professional teaching, I achieved a Level 3 City & Guilds Certificate, in Delivering Learning, from Stamford College, Lincolnshire. The PBK course was further developed, as a two-year Diploma course, to meet the current National Occupational Standards in Healthcare for the UK. It was accepted as an Associated Course on the British Register of Complementary Practitioners (BRCP) in 2010, and upgraded to an Affiliated Course, Level 4, in 2012, with the Confederation of Healing Organisations (CHO) as its current professional accrediting body.


In 2013, one of the students, Stella Brookes of Solihull, was awarded 'Student of the Year’ by the BRCP at their awards event in London. I have now trained many more people in the Pathway Balancing Kinesiology (PBK) system and six students went on to fully qualify, with a Diploma in Pathway Balancing Kinesiology. These are now using their therapeutic skills to help others, some in professional practice as PBK Practitioners: Sue Preston-Eyles, Jolene Ironside, Stella Brookes, Owen Wheatley, David (Veda) Harper and Shirley Wilkins.

I was already Registered as a Senior British Registered Practitioner (SBRCP), due to my 27 years of experience in this field, when in March 2018 I was invited to become an Advisor to the BRCP. This means I can be consulted professionally in my areas of expertise and contribute to the upholding of the high standards required by the BRCP.

I am currently working on the materials for an online self-help, personal development course. I am also writing a book ‘The Pathway Home - Finding Your Purpose and Destiny in a Changing World’, which supports the journey of searching and change. It is for those seek to fulfill their soul’s purpose on this Earth and live the best life possible every day. To stay in touch with future developments, sign up for my free monthly newsletter, at the foot of this page.

deeper learning, training and experience

My own journey of learning continued to deepen and to inform the unique material of the Pathway Balancing system. One of the most influential experiences has been my four year study of the process of embodiment. I had the privilege of studying with Karlton Terry from the USA and the Conscious Embodiment trainer Matthew Appleton of Bristol. Participants met for a five-day residential course, each April, at the Poulstone Centre, Herefordshire.

The first year of training focussed on our Sperm Journey, where we connect with the physical material of our father. My craniosacral teacher, Graham Kennedy of Reading in Berkshire, first identified me as a 'sperm'! This peculiar remark lead to my signing up for Karlton's amazing Conscious Embodiment course, starting in 2009. The Sperm Journey is all about speed, liveliness  and the power to move towards your intended destination. 

The second year focussed on our Egg Journey and our physical development from our mother's ancestral line. The egg journey is about waiting well, being able to drift with the currents and makes choices in terms of our boundaries. The egg holds decades of wisdom from our maternal ancestral line. It is the oldest part of our physical life on Earth. Our egg is in our mother's ovaries when she is born and she in turn was an egg in our grandmother's ovary form the time our grandmother was born!

Year three brought us to our Conception Journey and the wonderful process of combining the chosen sperm with the awaiting egg. The 'moment' of conception actually takes 24 hours and can happen up to 14 days after our parent's physical union. A million sperm set off in search of their 'Holy Grail' and only one sperm will succeed in uniting with the egg. The egg then chooses which genetic material to 'spit out' and which ancestral jewels to retain.  

The final, fourth year explored the Soul Journey, as our soul's consciousness begins to form the physical material that we will then embody. This is where the layers of embodiment are laid down. The soul begins to twist into the genetic soup, under the influence of the electromagnetic field of the heart. The incredibly detailed process of these layers of embodiment have been further revealed in the deepest material of the Pathway Balancing system called Completion of the Journey.

To discover and unfold your own embodiment journey, and repattern the kaleidoscope template laid down by your soul, come and experience a Pathway Balancing Journey session of your own. 

My Spiritual Pathway

Being raised in a Catholic family, I went to a Catholic Primary School, where some of the teachers were nuns from the local convent. As a child, I had a real sense of the presence of God in my life. However, I left this church tradition behind me during my teenage years. As a typically rebellious teenager, I was blessed by attending an excellent secondary school, Chelmsford County High School for Girls, from 1971 to 1978. Although it was a secular school, it was rooted in many Christian values and we would say The Lord’s Prayer in morning assembly. Attending an ‘Old Girl’s Reunion’ there, in October 2018, was like reclaiming a part of my soul. I had many misperceptions of what I was like during those school years as Miss Corrina Bolton, but meeting my former classmates 40 years later revealed a deep bond of genuine care and respect for one another. I discovered a renewed sense of purpose and destiny around overcoming injustice and seeing people reach their fullest potential in life. In January 2019, I reverted to my Maiden Name of Miss Corrina Bolton again, as a further step of clearing away the past and stepping forward into a new and better life of freedom.

During my mid 20’s, I was constantly looking for guidance about the way forward in life. This led me down many different pathways in my exploration. I often felt isolated and marginalised in my quest for spiritual truth. I look back now and see how dark some of those places were. I didn't know what I was being drawn into at the time. It would take years to clear those unwholesome influences and restore the damage done to my life.

In my late 30’s, when working at Pearl Assurance in Peterborough, I met a Christian and during our lunchtime walks, we had lots of interesting conversations about our spiritual beliefs. I accepted her invitation to her church and during the service, at St Georges in Stamford, Lincolnshire, for no apparent reason tears began to stream down my face. At dinner afterwards, I found out that the story in church had been the prodigal son in Luke Chapter 15 but I couldn’t see why that had made me cry. When Angela invited me to come the next week I said yes straight away. I was also intrigued by the powerful spiritual presence I‘d felt at the church.

I still had a lot of questions and went on an Alpha Course each week. During the course there was an invitation to step forward if you wanted to accept the Holy Spirit into your heart, looking to Jesus Christ and surrendering into God’s hands. I stepped forward. That was in November 1999 and I started attending Sunday Services and a weekly home group meeting. I discovered Christian book shops & Christian TV. I was baptised in December 2003.

 On Sunday 13th September 2009 I decided to visit a local Community Church. The building was a large and contemporary design, packed with smiling, colourfully dressed people. During the modern style of worship music at the start, I began to cry. The teaching was about having a relationship with God as your primary focus, and then nurturing relationships with people. I went again the following week and was greatly supported by their facilities and resources. I am now a fully committed member of that Church, and have developed great, real friendships. I have benefited from the many informative and supportive courses available there, including the Alpha Course.

People may take many pathways in their search for meaning and purpose in life, or looking for the presence of God. After an amazingly varied journey of my own, I’m now settled into the Way that’s right for me as I continue my spiritual journey on the pathway of Christianity.

The Summary of My Story

Pathway Balancing is a story of real life. It describes some of the pathways we follow, and the patterns that form, as a soul in our body. The material can track, resolve and repattern our blocks or weaknesses, from pre-conception as a sperm and an egg, through our birth journey, development and into the life we’re living today.

The material in the Pathway Balancing Journey has come out of the steps I’ve taken in my own personal journey and the steps and experiences of dozens of people who’ve also explored and discovered this Pathway. There is still more for me to do and discover, in order to fulfil my dreams and heart’s desires, but Pathway Balancing has helped me make sense of so much along the way and given me the practical tools to answer some of my questions and develop a much healthier, happier lifestyle with the promise of more, and better, yet to come.