Your Conception Journey

Whether your parents intended to conceive a baby or not, you were no accident. They also had almost no control over your conception, no matter how much they wanted a child. I have just returned from a six-day residential course at the beautiful Poulstone Retreat Centre near Ross-on-Wye, which was led by Karlton Terry as part of his four-year Embodied Consciousness training. We studied the process of conception as part of a course on the soul's journey into embodiment. The 'moment' of conception actually takes 24 hours and has twelve identifiable stages. The sperm and the egg have both had long, high-risk journeys to reach the point of conception and must now meet and successfully negotiate the process of union. The patterns laid down during this process are held as embodied, subconscious memories that create a template for the soul's life path ahead. So how might the conception journey affect your approach to relationships, work and much more? There will be a stage of the conception process that correlates with your current life situation. Once you know what this is, and how it's affecting the course of your life so far, you may choose to consciously explore a more fruitful and valuable way to negotiate your way through this stage. You can see what it is you're leaving behind, what it is that's being transformed and what you are now moving towards. For example, stage 4 is the sperms arrival in the peri-vitteline space inside the egg. This is a fluid-filled space where a sperm can swim freely after passing through the entangled, thick cellular layer of the zona pellucida. Not all sperm make it this far - perhaps five of the original 100 million (100,000,000) that set out on the journey about 14 days ago! It is a place of freedom, recovery and comparative rest for this amazing little being, before it moves on to the vitteline fingers that surround the inner body of the egg. The way your creating sperm navigated through this space will impact the way you approach rest, space, the unknown, freedom and recovery later in life. The embodiment process at conception is a miraculous design that prepares us for our soul's unique life path and destiny.

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