Becoming a Stable Individual


I believe that if someone was capable of having a long term, loving & happy relationship in the past, there's every reason to suggest they can have that again now. When someone has achieved career success in the past, with a higher than average level of income, they must be able to do that in their current field too. If a person was highly creative before, surely they still have that ability today. For a person to be withdrawn and isolated now, but once was part of a vibrant social circle and active in the workplace and marketplace, they have the capacity to return there.

When the glory days of the past have fallen through and faded away, there must have been a reason for the collapse. The lifestyle they were living must have been based on shaky or rotten foundations. The structure of their world presumably had flaws in the design or the materials used. The basis for their way of life must have had incorrect information, false assumptions or naive illusions. Facing up to this realisation can be a sobering experience and many people find excuses to avoid the process. Others take a deep breath and decide that enough is enough. Whatever they have to face up to, let go of or press into, they are going to find their way back to the good life - and this time it will be built to last. 

A Stable Physical Structure

To live a full and creative life, it is necessary to have the energy to get up in the morning and be fruitfully active throughout the day.

Kinesiology, as a therapy, arose from chiropractic. The muscle tests used in basic kinesiology, or 'Touch for Health', are those used by a chiropractor when working to balance the spinal column, general body structure and posture. The practitioner places the client's limb or torso into a specific position and then applies physical pressure in order to test the muscle's ability to stay strong and switched on under pressure. When a muscle is found to be weak and unable to switch on or hold up under the test, the practitioner will correct the muscle weakness with some form of therapy. Chiropractors are known for their skills in clicking or cracking the client's bones back into alignment. Some also use pressure points on the body, such as Chapman's Reflexes on the torso or Bennett Points on the head. At some practices the client will be given exercises to do at home too. 

It is accepted that it takes more than one appointment, in any form of holistic therapy, to really restore a stable physical alignment for full health in an individual. However some chiropractors began to wonder why certain muscles would repeatedly go out of alignment no matter how often the person was treated. They began to wonder what might be the underlying cause of such a situation. It was also noticeable that certain groups of muscles would all show a weakness together, yet there was no physical or structural connection between them. And so began the quest to dig deeper and work more effectively so that clients didn't have to keep coming back for the same old problem or end up experiencing the same pain again and again. So discoveries were made about precise nutrition that boosted energy and supplied specific nutrients for strength, not just enough to avoid general malnutrition. As acupuncture became known in the Western world, physical practitioners saw the connections between groups of muscles and internal organs that were linked by the Chinese Acupuncture Meridians, or lines of very fine energy. As this body of knowledge and practice grew, it went beyond the bounds of standard chiropractic, or any massage therapies, and began developing into a system of it's own that we now call Kinesiology.

The Journey at Level 1 'The Individual'

As a Kinesiologist myself, I learnt about basic energy balancing using 'Touch for Health' and the use of natural therapies for healing the body. I was also taught more advanced skills in testing muscles while speaking out words, to test the body's reaction to verbal communication. To this day I never tire of the moment when a client experiences muscle testing for the first time! It is truly amazing to see for yourself just how clearly the body responds to words or thoughts that are stressful, and how it revitalises with thoughts that are a delight. Using this precise method, it is possible to pin point the exact underlying cause that is producing those same old problems that keep us going round in circles and feeling the same debilitating pain. By creating a map that we can test against, it is possible to see where we are on life's journey and, best of all, apply energy balancing and healthcare advice to clear the pain and move you onto a more uplifting pathway.

The map I've created in Pathway Balancing represents a mountain pathway that spirals upwards through seven Levels. Each Level represents one circuit around the mountain. At each Level, as we imagine walking up this Pathway, there are ten Gateways that represent where we might be stuck in the same old circles. By opening this Gateway, you open your awareness to your greater potential. Let's go back to those individuals who have known some form of success and fulfillment that has since collapsed from under them. This is where they can rebuild a stable foundation for the way they live today. At Level 1 on the Pathway Balancing Journey the ten Gateways include one called 'Living With Your Whole Self'. At this 'Gateway 4'  we read that it's about clearing away the old self. When we go into this place we find that the map has Directions to guide us forward, such as Direction 4, 'Home'. This Direction is where we can be comfortable and relaxed. In May 2017, several new Steps were added to the Pathway. Step 14 is now Preparing to move by building up resources and creating structures and forming relationships. For some people this move will be a literal house move. For others it will be a move outwards from the home and into the workplace. Maybe it will be a way to meet someone for a new relationship that will one day mean sharing a home with that person. Perhaps it will be making a move to acquire finances to start or grow a home based business. By raising awareness and balancing energy and health at this foundational Level, the next move will be a solid, well prepared and stable maneuver, built on stable foundations. Having personal stability means we can roll with the waves of life and gain wisdom from every situation that arises. By becoming a stable individual within ourselves, we can create a stable way of living that begins to manifest in the world around us.

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