Inside Your Winter Cocoon

With all this snow and cold weather around it's a good time to heal and strengthen mind, body & spirit. Before a caterpillar emerges as a nectar-sipping butterfly, it draws into a protective cocoon that looks dead and still on the outside. Inside there is a miracle taking place - a process still beyond the understanding of scientists. Soul therapy at Pathway Balancing also works to transform mind, body & spirit from the inside. These changes slowly emerge and change the situations around us that may be causing pain of any kind from back pain to depression. Our bodies may act as a cocoon for our unresolved emotions. Until the strands of these old patterns are unwound and dissolved, we can get stuck in unsatisfactory relationships. Craniosacral therapy uses the natural fluid tides to open up old tensions and free us to persue new options. Kinesiology strengthens energy in specific areas of our life, such as those identified in the Clearing behind Gateway 37, about being real and being true to ourselves and others in the ebb and flow of life's seasons of prosperity. Both individual therapy and the soul journey days lead us closer to the truth of who we are.

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