Are You Good Enough?

Why do we drive ourselves to exhaustion so often? Since the 1980's there has been an increasing trend in chronic fatigue, nervous exhaustion, M.E. and post-viral syndrome, with little that can be done to help medically. People with these conditions can rest but never feel refreshed, and no amount of sleep relieves the tiredness. I often work with clients who feel like this and find that craniosacral therapy is blissfully relaxing and delightfully refreshing for their whole system. To fully restore energy levels and prevent a reccurence of symptoms, it is good to get to the root cause and make permanent changes there. So how do we prevent this chronic pattern of exhaustion happening from now on? Exhaustion occurs when we fail to pace ourselves properly. It comes from driving our mind & body with the accelerator full-on, having to grip hard on the steering wheel of our activities and stand hard on the brakes to keep us from crashing. Living like this leads sooner or later to frustration and burn-out, knocking us out of the race altogether, either short or long-term. One of the mind sets that creates this unstable way of life is an underlying belief that we're not good enough. Somewhere in life, we've picked up an incorrect message that says whatever we do, we could be doing it better, or should be doing something else. This can lead us to focus on all the things we haven't done, the incomplete tasks that could leave us open to criticism, the overwhelming sense that the plan for the day ahead is impossible. All this rapid, negative thinking creates neural pathways that 'fur up' our brain, making us foggy-headed and tired. That's why the hands-on work and verbal dialogue of a craniosacral session is so valuable. The improved circulation of cerebrospinal fluid clears & refreshes the brain and spinal cord. Talking through your current challenges can help you to see a different approach to your day. When you understand how awesome your genetic construction was during conception, you see the truth that not only are you good enough, but you are also wonderful, unique and designed for a purpose and a destiny. Corrina Kennedy, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

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