Understanding Nutrition

The Pathway Balancing approach to nutrition is to start with your current diet as an acceptable base to work from. Your present diet has kept you alive and sufficiently functional, but may not be optimal. You may be experiencing troubling symptoms and wondering if your diet is part of the problem. Perhaps you are looking for ways to improve your energy levels or to look your best, fresher, with more vitality and sparkle. 

The basic principle, in Pathway Balancing nutrition, is to use foods for strengthening. The emphasis is on adding to your diet, rather than deprivation. It is really important to enjoy your food, drinks and supplement programme. Using nutrition, as a specific energy balancing technique, it is incorporated throughout the Pathway Balancing Kinesiology system. If nutrition is a priority, your body will indicate this through muscle-testing. So you may need basic energy balancing using Touch for Health, with foods for strengthening. For example, the Liver Meridian energy can be strengthened with foods containing vitamin A, such as green leafy vegetables, green peppers or parsley being added or increased in your diet. 

For therapy for Healing the Body, the priority realm may be the Nutritional and Biochemical Realm. This Realm includes:

  • yin/yang dietary balancing
  • acid/alkaline forming foods in balance
  • food combing
  • allergy and sensitivity testing
  • test vials for nutrition, such as body biochemicals, food additives, hormones and nutritional substances

This Realm also covers adrenal syndrome, stress in the digestive system and imbalances in the natural rhythms of the rings and valves in the digestive tract. 

In addition to nutritional guidance from muscle-testing, there is also the option to go through the Lifestyle Analysis questionnaire. You can see the results plotted on a graph, showing you which body system is your weakest link – not always the one you might expect. With this information, you can target the correct body system with a herb and vitamin supplement, blended to meet the exact requirements for strengthening your weakest area. 

If you would like to focus on nutrition specifically, for all or part of your consultation, simply ask when booking or when you arrive for your appointment. You may also fill in the Lifestyle Analysis online and submit your results for a free assessment by e-mail.

You may also select a ‘better than organic’ food supplement for yourself, from the full range available, in our A-Z of Products